My OnCampus Chef

My OnCampus Chef, the peer to peer marketplace to connect students craving for traditional home food with students having the skill to cook home food.

In the Fall of 2015, three random undergraduate students at Northeastern University went to the first boot camp of Husky Startup Challenge without an idea. There the three met each other and brainstormed ideas to solve some problem being faced by college students.

They came up with the lack of availability of traditional home-cooked meals in and around campus. Gianmarco Di Pino (DMSB’18) went to Little Italy for some traditional Italian food that he was craving for. To his surprise the Italian food served here did not taste the same as it was back home and also was very very expensive.

Nikhilesh More (DMSB’ 17) faced the problem of access to traditional home made Indian food in Boston as it is not served in any restaurants and also being a vegetarian he has limited options for food. He also mentioned that the international cuisines served at the dining halls do not taste the same at a traditional restaurant.

Corey Campbell (COE’ 19) moved away from his family for the first time to attend college at Northeastern. He really started to miss the food that mom cooked for him.

All these three team members joined hands together to work on the mutual problem that each of them faced and started to figure out a way to solve this problem not only for themselves but also for the entire Northeastern community at large.

Over the course of 7 weeks and 5 boot camps hosted by Husky Startup Challenge powered by Entrepreneur’s Club and the guidance of mentors from NU Idea and some wonderful speakers from the Boston area, learning about how to convert an idea into a minimum viable product (MVP), these guys started “ My OnCampus Chef”, which is an online platform that connects students on campus who do not know how to cook with students living on or off campus willing to host a meal for these students. (

On November 16th 2015, 19 teams competed at Husky Startup Challenge Demo Day hosted at Northeastern University. My Oncampus Chef got a very good response. They got lots of sign-ups for student chefs and students craving for a home-cooked meal. With the support of the 250+ attendants at Demo Day, My OnCampus Chef won the Audience Favorite Award which was conducted after the on-stage pitch of all teams were done.

After this, My OnCampus Chef tabled at NEXPO, Northeastern’s Entrepreneurship Expo held on November 19th, 2015 at the Cabot Cage at Northeastern University where we got a large number of sign ups from 600+ attendees from all around the Greater Boston area.

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