Pros and Cons of White Label Word Press Development

Pros and Cons of White Label Word Press Development

White labeling to your word press sites is a fantastic idea. Numerous companies build their website by using the word press themes to attract the more and more customers in their business and promote their products and services at the top of the Goggles page. Every authentic business owner uses the white label service on their word press site. Whenever you make your website, then the primary concern is to put your stamp on the desired project by selecting the custom graphics or custom footer in build your site striking. Many developers only focus on adding the brand name of the website on the front end and don’t include the back end of this process. But if you want to increase the traffic on the site and develop your site with a group of team members then your focus is on both the side’s i.e. front end and back end.

Moreover, the back-end has a great value and doing a lot for your site. That is the reason to add the white labels on the site and gives you the touching and personalized brands of the site. In this article, we solve all the problems of the clients that they face in raising their business. We provide all the solutions to the problems by adding the white labels to your websites and rank the positions of the site on the search engines.

What do you mean by the white label?

White Label is also known as private label method that places a great role in the digital marketing world from the reality. White labeling helps you to provide the guarantee for your website and gives a brand name to your site.

White label provides the full authority to the site, and it helps in raising your website at the top of the SERP. It contributes to providing the accurate view of the internet site from the front end and back end that depicts the real picture of your business that you want to put in the world.

There are so many white label companies that offer the variety of services and construct the website for the clients. They have the expert word press developers those fulfill each requirement according to the customer’s point of view and build the site accordingly.

How White label Help us:

Some key points help the clients to understand the concept of the white label for their word press development. These are as follows:

1. Reduce perplexity for customers: Some customers may confuse sometime and never hear about the word press. So for them using the word press on their site creates confusion. So our white labeling agency is there for you to provide the clear cut view to the owners of the website and offers the word press services with white labeling.

2. Enhance the professionalism: White label is all about to give a brand name to your site. It puts a mark on the site and gives the prominent position and brings the professionalism on your site that you develop and compete in the real marketing world. Every business owner wants to increase the length of their business and launch their website with their company logo. So, white label creates both back-end also to impress the customers with the welcome message and logo name.

3. Provide Extra Support: With the white labeling technique, you can also add the additional links to the documents and support in the control panel. This feature helps the customers and team members those are not known about the word press correctly.

4. Adapt the dashboard to meet the requirements: White label also gives you the chance to add and remove the buttons according to your requirements. For example, if your team member is the most probable provider to your blog then they just require seeing the “fleeting look,” “quick summary” and “action” widgets.

So these are some key points that help the team members and clients of the website development in word press to get in touch with the white labeling features.

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Manual adding of White label elements: If you wish to insert the white label elements you can do it so by doing the manual operations. You just require a few codes for custom login and greeting. Some steps can add the white label word press. But make sure that when you are doing these things to your site, you must create a backup copy of your site for the necessary modifications.

Step1: — Add your Symbol to the Login Page: — When you make your site just add the login page and custom logo to your site for the customers who want to visit your site and get the exact information about the product and services you offer to them.

Step2: — Change the Welcome page of Word Press development: — You must have to change the default welcome page with the new one heading or style that you want on your site to attract the more and more users.

Step3: — Change the footer Description: — It is information to modify the footer information by the brand name of the company site.

Step4: — Change the Header Symbol: — You can also replace the header information with your company name logo on the default word press.

Step5: — Change the color of admin: — The new version of word press also offers you to change the color of the admin so that it can match with your company site.

Benefits of White labeling Word Press Development:

• White Labeling provides a great value to the word press site. It is a great option for those clients who want to see more options on their website.

• The White label offers you all the resources that you need in your website development from the developer to the technical aspects.

• White label method always maintains your consistent brand name of the site.

• White labeling provides the high focus on the sales by developing the beautiful sites that increase the users and raise the more profits.


• Most of the white labels sometimes are not innovative as the customer wants in their sites.

• If the company face recession period then these brands are not worth to them to raise their clients.

• If you can pay a lot for the white labels, then you don’t get the right value for your site with these tags.

• There are many white label brands today, and all are not giving the same quality assurance to your site for which you are paying a lot.

• Sometimes white label brands can’t bring the nationality of the product that you offer on your website.