How selfish is selfish could be?

As a woman born in the 90’s, I’m blessed to be in the best of both worlds; hardwork and privilege. Both my parents showed me how hard work is needed to gain something in life and life itself is unfair. But rather fascinating when I was spooned by the media where I practically learnt a lot since young.

Things gets tough and obviously I learnt a lot, but nothing about being selfish. There’s this value in me to always think about others yet media promotes being selfish and selfless altogether at the same time. Confusing. That’s the point of this reading.

So I browse through and had couple of readings, I discovered that selfish is harsh on its own and people confuse themselves of the word ‘selfish' when all they got to do is surviving in this hectic world of 21st century. Mom’s calling asking to buy her groceries after our long hours at work while we try to softly decline out of the reason of avoiding us to collapse in target, for example. Choosing the right guy because they afford to make you happy, secure and giving endless support is not selfish. Just try to see it in a different perspective on the ways people get out of misery maybe just maybe to survive in life.

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