Achieving The Perfect Harmony Among Your Outfit, Handbag and Body

Just like your outfit, the handbag you are carrying along should help you to create a positive look. But it is not easy for all women to achieve a frame-harmonising combination of their outfit and handbag.

Almost everyday when getting ready to go out, several women face the problem of trying to pick something from their wardrobe which matches with the colour and design of their handbag. Sometimes the combination of both appears so ridiculous and awkward that it makes them feel bad about their body shape. No matter how many dresses they try, they are unable to match the colour and style of their outfit with their handbag. Wanna know how to achieve that graceful and elegant match between the clothes and handbags? Here are a few tips that you can try.

First of all, consider the colour of your clothes. If your wardrobe is filled with all bold colours, a basic black or brown tote will definitely add a punch to your attire. But if you are planning to wear a multi-shaded outfit, a neutral monotone handbag will go well. An outfit of natural colour will look best with a vibrant custom handbag. You can find many shops online that offer custom made handbags in UK.

Before considering what handbag to take along, determine whether the outfit is traditional, trendy, casual, patterned or solid coloured. Be aware of the elements you need to contemplate over and also consider the place you are going and what you will be doing there. All these will play a big role

It is important to choose a handbag which is in proportion with your outfit. A big handbag may overshadow the elegance of your dress even if it is stylish. But buying a style-tiny handbag may not hold everything that you are going to need while on the move. Therefore, choose wisely when you are deciding over what needs to be sacrificed — performance or style. While large bags tend to impart an aura of relaxation, small bags can be used to achieve a sophisticated look.

Length of the handbag should also be considered because it helps in accentuating the body shape . If shoulder totes are your preference, select one that puts a flattering look on your whole frame. This is so because handbags generally feel somewhat like a burden on the body. Women with wider hips should, however, choose bags keeping in mind one thing-while purchasing, they should make sure it cascades down until it meets their waistline. In case they have heavy hips, the most prudent choice for them would be a handbag with longer straps.

Keeping all these little things in mind will help the woman to dress better and look great. So, if you want to match your outfit with your handbag, consider these things.

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