Trump Instructs Family To Lie Under Oath By Holding Hand An Inch Over Bible
Allan Ishac

This is the first I’ve heard of this and it sounded far-fetched even for this embarrassment of a president. Then I saw that the article was tagged with the word “satire” at the bottom and “Truth in Satire” at the top (truth be told, I missed the top label first time through).

Here’s the thing, it’s written in a way that makes it sound oddly believable. I’m no expert in the techniques of satirical writing but I think if you’re going to write satire in a day and age where legitimate news is under fire for being fake, then pieces intentionally written as satire should not leave the reader wondering “wait, was that real?” (I was just about to start Googling to verify the claim.)

I don’t think the article accomplished that by virtue of the fact that other commenters appear to have missed the point and I might have treated this article as the real deal too if I didn’t catch the satire tag.

Given all that, I did enjoy the article. But how bizarre is it that the idea of Trump suggesting this to his family is actually believable??