Content is King and Content is Death

In 2016 it seems like everywhere you turn there are people asking for followers on their Snapchat or money for their indie euro-funk trash-pop bands new EP. They want attention and that’s why so much of social media is just NOISE.

Facebook and Google saw this problem very early and started developing algorithms for weeding through the noise. If you don’t interact with certain people or accounts, then they just get cut from showing up in your feed over time. In theory this sounds like a nightmare because it means that your content won’t show up for some people even if they’re scrolling at the same time that you post something. But in practicality I believe that this is a good thing because it forces content to become better in order to gain the attention.

So what does “content is king and content is death,” mean? It means this: Your content will win you followers if you have winning content and your content will kill your brand if you’re creating soulless content. Just because you sell paper (i.e. Dunder Mifflin), doesn’t mean your product is inherently boring. Paper is life to some people (I happen to love it!), so your content can be created for your niche market instead of for the masses that will ignore it.

Twitter and Instagram are hopping on the Algorithm-based Feed Train, so it might be time to step up your content creation game! I encourage you to take pride in your content and post what really matters to you, but in the meantime I’m going to go find some paper to draw with.

— — —

Jesse Phillips is a Marketing Executive for Myrrh Marketing. Follow Jesse on his personal social media for more: Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest.

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