Three Reasons Your Business Needs to Consider Being on Snapchat

1. The consumer’s engagement rate is RIDICULOUS

People who are viewing your content on Snapchat are actually paying attention to what you are saying. 100% of the people viewing your content are actually engaged with it since they had to click on it in the first place. The beauty of this engagement is that whoever is holding the phone viewing your content is ready to hear from you. THIS IS HUGE! On Facebook your posts are hidden from most of your followers’ feed, and even still, most of the time people are just scrolling by your post anyway. Instagram is the same way: if people are not looking at the right time at the right place, your posts will be missed. Snapchat changes this completely. Don’t delete your Facebook or Twitter accounts, but getting on Snapchat could be a great way to engage your audience more directly.

2. It allows your business to connect with customers in a more relatable way

Your posts disappear after 24 hours, so there’s no pressure in creating content that’s a masterpiece. You can post when your doors are open, the specials you have running for the day, and even fun behind the scenes content that make your business more accessible to your customers. People in 2016 are much more likely to respond to real content than to an obvious ad trying to get them to buy something.

3. There are already ways to send and receive money through the app

Square teamed up with Snapchat and in November of 2014 and launched Snapcash: a way to send money directly in Snapchat ( Because of this, people are able to use the power and security of Square to send money back and forth. This was made as a way to send money back and forth between friends, but could also be a way for businesses to receive pre-orders, for people to put payments down to hold items, and even raise money through donations.

If you start using Snapchat to market your business, we’d love to hear from you! It would be cool to share ideas and connect! Add us on Snapchat:

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Jesse Phillips is a Marketing Executive for Myrrh Marketing. Follow Jesse on his personal social media for more: Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest.

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