A Cowards Love.

You were like the fresh blossom tulips in summer

The smell of perfect morning coffee

My nearly perfect one

You were good for me,

Or so I thought.

I wanted you

I wanted new

You were new.

Just the right smile, with the right words

You were like cool breeze that accompanied a rainy night.

You were ‘cold stone' with broken waffles and peanuts, just how I liked it.

You were sweet.

But you ran.

For everytime I reached out my hands to take yours, you would run.

Miles away into darkness, leaving me to unrest

What did I do?

What did I say?

You didn’t give me a chance to show you I cared

How much I wanted you

How much I wanted us

And even when it looked like you were attentive, I was abandoned

Performing for empty seats that couldn’t applaud

A swift glance into the crowd and you were gone.

Like you were never there.

I’ll reach out. AGAIN.

This time you’ll take my hand, like you’re here to stay

But it’ll be just a moment longer and you’ll be gone with the wind

As with our plans to be Romeo, and I your Juliet

You’ll once again flush down hopes of long night talks to take a chance on us,

And I’ll be left standing on foolish street,

Gazing into tech, as hopes of loving you dim into oblivion.

I’m done chasing you.

I’ll love to be yours and I thought you would too

But now I don’t care.

Because for everytime you ran from me you made space large enough to forget you

Large enough to melt away your existence as seeds of you planted, withered

So you can run , farther and farther away

For even though I know it’s fear holding you from taking this road with me

I also know it’s choice.

You chose over and over again to hold onto fear longer than to hold onto me

So you can run

But only this time.

This time, I’m not the coward

This time, you ran. I didn’t.

If trying scares you this much then I’ll rather walk solo in this love race

Walking happily till I find one willing to run with me and not away from me

Run! Run! Run!!

Leaving pure love unexplored.

That’s on you.

That’s all on you.

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Image credit: Unknown

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