Before you say “…I do.”

You should take a moment alone …

Ask yourself some questions.

  1. Why’re you getting married?
  2. Are you getting married because everyone else is?
  3. Are you getting married because society and family insist you should?
  4. When you look at your partner do you feel you “just settled”?
  5. When you look at your partner do you feel fear, anxiety, sadness or joy towards who you’re about to sign your forever with?
  6. Do you love your partner?
  7. Are you in love with your partner?
  8. Is there anyone else that makes you feel stuff that your current partner doesn’t, if you could, right now, would you swap them with your current partner?
  9. Did you bother to pray about your partner or question if they’re Gods choice for you; or it really doesn’t matter?
  10. Do you trust your partner with your life?
  11. When you look at your partner, is he or she all that you’ve been waiting and praying for?
  12. Are you happy that you’re getting married or to you “it is what it is”?

I hope you can genuinely answer these questions. Understand the gravity of what you’re about to do so you can do it right, ONCE.


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