The Red House.

Walking down to her uber,

Thoughts invading her frame self

Stained by shame

Perfumed with regrets

She had this coming

Sitted uncomfortably in shame at the back of her well air conditioned uber

Reminiscing the last strings of dignity she left at home when she chose to spend the night at his

All he wanted was pleasure

Even with her body aching from natures monthly red dues

Dawn seemed so distant

Sipping on his atmosphere of froideur

Morning cracks of words unmuttered

Pack your shit and go

Your usefulness has expired

Anger trickling from last nights wishful pleasures unattained

You were worth nothing whilst stuck in natures red house

For one who thought you to be as beautiful as red roses thought otherwise once he knew you were in the red house

Attraction trickled away at every stare

Now tucked in shames embrace

She knew she deserved better

Better than a man who only thought her existence was to quench his pleasures

One who only saw her attractive when her clothes were off

To him she was beautiful only when away from the red house

Walking away from scum

Knowing this was it

She would never be caught up like this.

Never. Never again.

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