Let’s play a game …

We’ll call it ‘my life through your eyes’.

I just want to live. I just want to be free.

But I can’t …

Stuck in between what would “they” think and what would “they” say.

In fear … I halt.

I live my life for you.

For your approval …

For your judgment …

For your entertainment …

No credits. No fees.

I unknowingly, in fear, allow you dictate my life like you own it.

But in reality… you don’t!

I second guess my every move,

As you break my back with words;

And hurt my ears with mockery.

But wait …

There’s a twist.

I’ve your attention.

I’ve got your gaze on me.

So while you think you police me, you imprison yourself in my life and forget yours.

Though I may fall and you laugh,

At least I fell…moving, while you remain still;

Caught in a show that I direct.

In the end …

You’re my slave.

You live for a gaze that I create.

Basically … You live for me✊🏾


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