How did I get into the hacker world?

(11/28–11/29/2018) I’m MyselfExplorer. How did I get into the hacker world?
I want to give you this key and open the door. All you have to do is listen to these stories quietly.

Mining zero-day vulnerabilities requires mastering such skills as fuzzing, IDA Pro,WinDbg and so on. I was the first one at that time.
I started with learning fuzzing, and I was fascinated by its automation. I looked up information on the Internet and saw one about it.
I chose the browser’s fuzzing process (because I felt the browser’s zero-day power, just click on a link,then your device is under control). I put this toolkit in storage. The password is on the picture. You can feel it directly(

Find the right path and type them in as directed (as long as you finish in the box). Of course, you need to install the debugger in the circle first.

After setting it up, it defaults to help you try to find firefox, edge, chrome, crash of msie, and set what you want in “fuzz. cmd”.

Look, how it works.

I’ve found similar work that you can do faster on linux.

Although today’s focus is not on them, but thanks for sharing with these friends, if you get Crash, you can try to report CVE, the link is a successful case, you can refer to fill in the report(CVE-2018–11396:

So what I’m going to say is, how did I learn that?

The first thing I want to tell you is it. Twitter is your good partner in the hacker world. Learn to use it. I search for the keywords “fuzzing”, “fuzz”, “fuzzer” on Twitter, and of course you can add a “#” like “#fuzzing”. It’s a topic that publishers want you to see. Then I find the two techniques above.

There are too many similar keywords to find what you want. While I am looking for articles, I also hope to find some videos, which can help me more intuitively.

Check in. What did I find?
Yes, I’d like to introduce you to your second hacker helper.


Yes, that’s it. There’s a button in the lower right corner, which can help you translate. If the video is not in your native language, it can help you solve some language problems. Knowing this, you can make a cup of coffee and start watching the experiences shared by hackers from all over the world like watching movies,Defcon,BlackHat,OWASP,CernerEng,hacktivity.

Bugcrowd’s bugcrowd university,hackerone’s hacker101,It teaches you to do “bug bounty”. It’s web vulnerability mining. You can find vulnerabilities and get a reward. For example, I’m very interested in APT. I search for “APT” in Defcon and see what I find.

The narrator shared a technology called “TGXF” and “TKXF”/”TCXF”. It can transfer files without network, scan QR Code codes, between mobile phones and computers, and behind it is cooler, using the lens to complete the transmission before the computer and the computer. My country is not very popular, although it is 2015, but in 2017 there are still people on social software display, and now has impact on the practical significance of this technique, can be used to steal secrets or protect documents and so on.
At the beginning I said the question of 0day, so I tried to search for keywords like “how to find bugs”.

Obviously, I found what I wanted again. The author demonstrated how to debug a zero-day vulnerability completely. From the beginning to the end, a new zero-day was born, and the whole audience applauded.
For bugbounty, besides reading books, you can learn more bug-catching skills through other people’s actual battles. You can check “Bug Bounty Public Disclosure”, although they are fixed loopholes, but it does not affect your help, does it? Of course, you can also directly search for “bugbounty” on YouTube, so there will be a lot of videos, you need to screen the best for you.

Some suggestions:
I use simplenote software for my simple notes, which are video & paper learning, to record my learning process through articles and videos. “finished” means that I have learned all, “1” means that I have studied once.

Its meaning can be understood as some empirical remarks,
Pentester land:
The excellence of pentesterland is that when you click on it, you really can learn a lot from it. If you are a penetration tester, it will undoubtedly be of great help to you.

Bug Bounty Reference:

It tells you almost all the techniques of web security,

If you want to see a real case, go to the “land”,

It helps you collect all the classic digging processes from the past to the present.

The last thing is PayloadsAllThings:

Whether you’re a Red Team, a penetration test, a CTF player, you can get all you want in it.

As a hacker, you must know the latest news. I recommend two at home and abroad.


They can also give you a lot of help, for example, when articles are not our mother tongue is very laborious, you can find translated articles in freebuf, iclound often translates articles with digging experience, you can directly learn.
In the hacker news, I saw the news of “sandboxescaper”. Although she spent most of her time cursing people on Twitter (haha, lol ~), she shared the skills of reverse mining ALPC zero days.

You can see that she shares the learning process, watches videos through YouTube, Google queries some details, and then implements specific operations. At the end of the article, it gives you the source of technology. Are these valuable things coming to you, right?

Don’t believe in “script kid theory”. In addition to learning the latest 1/nday as soon as possible, using tools can also help you grow up quickly.


You can follow it on Twitter. If you don’t know how to operate it, you can go to YouTube to search for keywords and get the process of using them. You can also find many person who teach you how to use hacker tools. Looking for “RAT” keywords like this, you can try every anti-virus software to escape. Of course, you can also search YouTube for “rat fud” and “bypass av”. There are too many keywords you want to find.

As long as it’s helpful to you, you can write it down as soon as possible. Don’t care too much. If you want to improve yourself, you can read the source code of the tool (most of them are python, ruby, perl) or learn to program and improve computer science. I’ll talk about it later.


The hacker tools, scanning, violent cracking, spyware and using packages under Windows platform, I can only give you an example, just like downloading this RAT downloader, you can get about hundreds of foreign RATs, some APT organizations are here, of course, there are no lack of source code, and you can redevelop some of them,

Offensive Community:

These are two hacker forums. In all aspects of discussion, don’t go to Baidu to search for hackers, hacker forums, hacker rankings, hacker godfathers. How many Chinese hacker-loving children have been harmed by these forums. When they don’t know what hacker spirit is, they are lost in pranks and pranks. In the vicious circle of illegality, money, vanity and paying IQ tax, crack down on these bastards severely (don’t be such shit).


Metasploit is the fastest and best,get the latest vulnerability exploits here

Search for “#exploit” or “#0day” on twitter,you can also search for “CVE + years” on YouTube,

In addition to sharing at the conference, YouTube also needs to screen, do not search for hacker tutorials, so many fools are tarnishing the “hacker” thing. Knowledge comes from the network world and serves the network world. Because it is knowledge, you need to work hard to get results. Don’t believe what you get for nothing. Otherwise you will be fooled.

Some more:

LiveOverflow Binary Hacking:

There is a list function, let’s try to search for “reverse engineering”:

These are excellent courses, “linux” and “macos” in reverse, and 101 to master learning.

Like this Browser Fuzzing:

There’s no doubt about the fuzzing technology for exploiting browser vulnerabilities. I haven’t finish it all. Of course, I found them in the playlist of the “fuzzing” keyword.

[China number 1]:
If you think things outside your mother tongue can’t be understood and rejected, won’t all the things above me help you?
Of course, I tell you another place, it can also help you become a powerful hacker.


Try to find some “operating system principle”, “programming language”, “computer science”, “algorithm basis” these you want, there are too many excellent courses, even foreign knowledge, are well translated, you just sit down and learn.

assembly language, C, Python, Javascript, all of which you can find, the underlying principles, Harvard University’s cs50,computer science, they are too important. When you see through the binary world, it may not be limited to hacking, artificial intelligence, big data, and more. You can find them. The problem of non-native language can be solved here.

“We are not mortals, we need a little magic” — Christopher Nolan’s Batman


I like photography very much, you can find too many excellent image works here, search for what you want, even hacking, hacker, exploit are all possible, can find a lot of hacker elements of things, why not?

If you like photography, but usually use mobile phones, hope the pictures can become photographic works.

On appstore:

Huji, can make film sense, age sense

“轻颜”(appstore China), your girlfriend will fall in love with it

Driving, shooting, bouncing, ball dealers (“ball IQ”), many hackers are also ballers, on YouTube, of course, including the best things about nba, the professor, ballislife, in the lab and so on check it!

Classical music:


Philharmonic orchestra:


Skr Wu’s auto-tune:

be+Audition (remember to install plug-ins. Recording, these things are easier than learning hacking skill)

Magic, I know many hackers like magic, social workers, fishing, browser attacks, hacker’s many skills are magicians, Youku may be more suitable than Youtube to learn magic, try to find this:!12~A

Life is more than just hacker. Live more possibilities in limited days.

>hacking Library:

>Data hunter:

One of the places I collected while trying data hunting is that you can download them, find what you want in the search section, or make it a havebeenpwd. Don’t spend money to buy them. They are old things. Don’t use them in violation of the law. They are still harmful. Don’t sell them like deep web. I’ve seen people do this for some reward, but these things can be put on good things, such as protecting the privacy of family and friends, to do this.

I don’t know how many skilled “bad guys” can tap a few keyboards to see everyone’s situation, and use, information from all over the world is transmitted to the sea of privacy, we are already at sea, if refusing to upload can not protect your privacy, you can only try to become a drop of water, mixed in the sea. If the hole is blocked, a mirror should be built.

>Exploiting fastest:
sploitus :

Vulnerability search engine, can help you find open vulnerabilities as quickly as possible

Great platform, to find what you need, to acquire knowledge

>Communicate with security researchers:
On Twitter, share your experience with security researchers who are open to private trust. Don’t be afraid to communicate and ask questions. You’ll get help.

>>Ending:(I really don’t know how to translate it into English and let you understand it. Learning Chinese, friends.)