Donald Trump and the Pope

A Pair of Opposites

My eye started twitching with short rapid spasms when I saw a car with a local Christian radio station sticker on one side of its back window and a “Trump” sticker on the other.

Christians for Donald Trump? What an interesting conversation it would be trying to get at the ideas and thoughts that went into that particular incongruity.

I’m no expert, and I know that all religious texts are open to the interpretation of the reader, but to me, Jesus wouldn’t be super happy with a sexual predator.

If sexual predation is about as far away from the kind of social behavior one could expect from an adherent to the teachings of Christ, what about his professional life and policy proposals should he become President? Maybe those areas are where Christians find agreement with their faith.

Let’s see:

  • He’s displayed racism as a land owner in his dealings with tenants.
  • He said he’d kill the families of terrorists, which is a war crime.
  • He plans to physically remove twelve million immigrants from the country.
  • He planned to ban all Muslims from entry into the country.
  • He’s in favor of greater nuclear proliferation, even in areas of the world currently embroiled in deep and passionate violent conflicts with no end in sight.
  • His university scammed people out of their money.
  • He refuses to release his tax returns.
  • He praises and admires an autocratic murderer in Vladimir Putin.
  • His pettiness prevents him from not engaging in a feud with a beauty queen during the final stretch of his campaign for president.
  • He makes fun of physically handicapped people.

I’m not seeing anything there that relates to Jesus’ actions or directions in the New Testament.

In fairness to him, Donald Trump is a big-business man who has acted as one who understands the aims of big-business would expect a big-business man to act. The sleaziness of his thoughts and deeds is inherent in the breed, so to speak.

In “The Cleansing of the Temple.” Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple because they were conducting business in what was intended to be a sacred place. He said that by doing so they were “making it a den of robbers.” The implication being, to me, that commercial activity corrupts the human spirit. As a big-business man, Donald Trump is the personification of those money changers in the twenty-first century. As such, according to the moral story, he is one of the chief corrupters of human souls. An iniquitous darkener of souls who is seeking the most powerful office in the world, Donald Trump may be the Anti-Christ, in which case his place on Christians’ bumpers means that his plan is working, and we should all be terrified.