Full Moon in Virgo: Integrating Intuition and Analysis

Rationality and intuition don’t need to be at odds. Ideally, they work together.

Monday (February 22nd, 10:20am PST), we have a full moon in Virgo. The sun is conjunct Neptune in Pisces highlighting the polarity between Virgo and Pisces and emphasizing the spiritual nature of Pisces. Virgo is detail-oriented, precise, analytical, fastidious, and when over-emphasized, can lead to anxiety, worry, criticism. Pisces, and Neptune in Pisces even more so, is intuitive, creative, compassionate, dreamy. Too much Pisces can lead to illusion, confusion, escapism or addiction.

Instead of swinging from one extreme to the other, how can we integrate both? This full moon invites us to ground our thought with compassion; honour our capacity for analysis while feeling into our intuition; imagine the ideal without falling for the fantasy; believe in our dreams and take rational action to bring them about. Because of the conjunction to Neptune, try to put off any important decisions ‘till early March, as we may prone to illusion.

A beautiful way to make use of your intuition is to feel into the timing of things. Notice when there is a subtle sense of forcing — usually that’s a signal that the timing is off, or it’s the wrong action. When the universe supports us in action or decision, there is usually a sense of ease. A powerful practice at this time, especially if the mind is overactive, is to imagine inhaling your thoughts down into your heart centre. As you exhale, hold them there. Do this a few times, then hold your awareness in your heart. Simply observe the sensations that arise in that part of your body. This practice unites the mind and heart.

This is a wonderful time to gain a better sense of your role in the world — the way in which you can serve humanity. Virgo rules service. Pisces relates to spirituality — meditation, prayer, unity, and so we may come to a deeper understanding of the impact of our energy, thoughts, and prayers. Visible action and service are important, but equally as important is our inner life. The subtleties of how we hold ourselves, our state of mind and heart — these ripple out to impact all of humanity and creation.

Full Moons signify completion, culmination, coming-to-light, welling-up: it may be experienced as positive or negative, but often there is something that becomes more obvious. Many of us experience strong emotions during the lead-up to full moons (possibly a few days in advance). Make space and honour emotions that arise, as they are intelligent indicators of what your heart wishes to bring your attention to as well as an opportunity to release. There may be news or messages of some sort, or a realization — usually related to the meaning of the current lunar cycle — look back to the New Moon in Aquarius to find common themes.

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