The School of Heartbreak: Astrology Forecast for August 17–23

As Venus continues her retrograde journey through Leo, she ventures into our pasts, and into our hearts. She encourages us to heal by facing our relating.

How do you hide from relationship? What ancient wounds do have yet to heal that keep you from showing up fully for fear of vulnerability? It’s important to stay safe, of course, but so many of the threats we imagine are just that — imagined. Our safety keeps us isolated. There is no relating without vulnerability.

As Venus trines Uranus, we may receive insight around the way in which we relate (or don’t). We may see, suddenly, how we stand in the way of our own intimacy, how we hold our hearts at bay, how we push love away. (Yes, I’m rhyming, now, I can’t help myself).

This also could bring a visitor from the past, or some excitement into our current relationships. It may challenge our conventionality, inspiring us to a more creative, open-minded love.

Mercury opposite Chiron brings our wounds into focus, and helps us to communicate them. Time for therapy/journalling/meditation. What Venus is showing us about the ways in which we relate (or don’t), now we can work with, talk about, write about. Now we can see how our current relationship dramas connect to our past heartbreaks, our big or small traumas.

In this seeing, we can retell our stories, release our heartache, love more fully.

A couple weeks ago, Jupiter, Venus, then Mercury squared Saturn. This week brings a culmination to that story, with the Sun square Saturn. If you allow this energy to take you over, it could pull you down. You might end up depressed, afraid, or alone. But if you keep your wits about you, you could use it for gaining in self-mastery, and discipline. You could channel it to become the ruler of your own life. This could be the impetus you need to lay down plans and structures to make something of the creative energies Leo has brought over the past few weeks.

Do you have a container for your creativity? Do you have a discipline, a practice? To actually create something of your creativity, you need a project, you need a commitment. (For me, committing to writing this forecast each week has been an enormous boon to my creative practice.)

On Sunday, the Sun shifts into Virgo. The energy shifts out of creative, fun-filled Leo, and toward hard-working, health-focused Virgo. More on that next week.

Astrological Details

Wednesday August 19th: Venus trine Uranus

Sudden experience of beauty and harmony, Creative insight, Unique love, Lucky surprise

Thursday August 20th: Mercury opposite Chiron

Awareness of wounds, Ability to work with and heal wounds, Words that harm or heal

Friday August 21st: Sun square Saturn

Reality check, Limitation, Structure, Restriction, Discipline

Sunday August 23rd: Sun into Virgo

Health, Service, Daily routine, Work

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