Where is Your Desire? Mars Enters the Shadow.

Where is your desire, drive, will, initiative? Yesterday, today, tomorrow, these themes may be especially potent, and will mark what we’ll be working with until the end of summer. This will be especially relevant for those with strong Aries or Scorpio influence.

What holds fire for you? What is it that seems to take you over? What can you not help doing or desiring? What do you find yourself drawn to, perhaps despite yourself? What are you so passionate about that it brings you energy rather than drains you?

Today (Wednesday, February 17th), Mars enters its retrograde shadow, meaning it hits the degree in the zodiac it’ll return to in its retrograde. Mars will retrograde from April 17th to June 29th, and doesn’t leave its shadow until August 22nd.

From now until April 17th, whatever action we take, we’ll be reworking during the retrograde. Pay special attention to your desire, plans, and actions. During the retrograde period itself (April 17th-August 22nd) is a good time for rest. It’s not a good time to initiate or to move forward with projects, and its possible that any projects under way may slow down or even be thwarted.

On a deeper level, there is an opportunity to understand our own relationship to will. What do you want, and how do you go about getting it? Do you get angry or frustrated when you don’t get what you want? Do you take others into account? Do you ‘go with the flow’, or do you force things? Do you go after what you want, or do you let others decide your fate? This isn’t about right or wrong, but understanding ourselves better. What would a healthy relationship with desire look like?

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Much love.

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