BHASUDI ~ Situation of utter chaos.

GHANTA ~ What you just said is utter bullshit.

MAAL/PATAAKA/TOTTA ~ To signify a hot girl.

JUGAAD ~ A solution or a functional fix to almost every problem.

LAGI PADI HAI ~ You are screwed

FATI PADI HAI ~ The condition which is commonly known as being scared.

CHUL ~ Being overexcited for no reason.

UNGLI KARNA ~ Pissing someone off

AISI KI TAISI ~ The urge to beat the living daylights out of someone.

THOOS LE ~ Eat as much as you can.

KYUUN PAKAA RAHA HAI ~ When you can’t bear someone anymore.

CHUTIYAA ~ A stupid person.

GOLI DENA ~ To fool someone.

LELE MERI ~ Kill me, not in a literal way though.

FATTU ~ A person who doesn’t really need a reason to chicken out.

BHAI-ZONED ~ The girl you were hitting on just called you BHAI.

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