LIFE: The Greatest Puzzle

Everyone desires to be happy in this world. Researchers have worked hard to build world comfortable and good in living. Many social workers, writers, many others have tried their best to build group happy. Even then I found all the people sad. None is perfectly happy. This world is described as a place wherever happiness is incredibly rare.

Life is a story of joy in addition as pain. It is mingled yarn & ill along. It is like shadows of pain which is able to never allow us to go simply, and the pain; it’s an esoteric issue. A person having nothing may be happy if he’s satisfied together with his condition. While another person possesses everything might not to be happy if he’s not self-satisfied. No one can raise any question to life regarding it as a result of it’s conjointly a matter unto itself. Many times we have a tendency to asked to ourselves such queries, which we have a tendency to do not understand their answers.

But, I tried to answer those such questions, not by a particular reason or explaination, but once observant in real life, roaming, losing a lot in life however by few words, may be they’re unexplained.

Who is Man.? The reflection of the eternal life.
What is the planet.? A meaningless truth or a wave on the everlasting ocean.
What is Life.? Is Life worth living.?

Every man’s life is a fairly-tale written naturally. Life is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away. It is only one word however has too several meanings.
Life is a draught to the slums, a pleasant institution for the millionaires, a pudding full of plums for a hungry child. Life can not be measured by the time we have a tendency to live. The secret of life isn’t to try to to what one likes, but to strive to love that that one needs to do. Happiness and sorrow in life depend on the mental condition of somebody’s being. They have nothing to try to to with outer influences. It is a leaf of paper. Muse not which manner the pen to hold, luck hates the slow and love the bold.

There are solely 3 events in life ~ birth, life and death; we square measure not alert to being born, we have a tendency to dies in pain and we forget to measure.
William Wordsworth delineated life in seven stages in his extremely popular verse.
But, is it so.? For me it’s not. Yes, seven stages is not the duration of life.. When a ship rotates and go forward and suddenly stopped, it does not mean that journey is finished, it simply means that the stream bends. Same as the river, life is a river and humans square measure ships. We square measure nothing however simply a ray of life’s light-weight and a wave of life’s ocean. Poets and writers have only one common issue in themselves; they each utters nice and wise things that they are doing not themselves perceive.

Life is not a damn thing once another, but it is a damn issue over and over. Life is a game like cricket. We ought to be firm and daring in life as within the game of cricket. Actually, life is real, earnest and has a definite aim. We ought to face the difficulties of life with bravery and may not pass our days like sheep and goats driven this fashion which by circumstances.

The pain of life therefore ends like injured tones and is incredibly sweet so affirmative, it is worthy for living.!

©Jaideep Sharma