Who are Philosophers & Writers.?

In short:~ A ton of customary person works on the philosophical system suspension of the ethical into every single paper.!

a) An atheist.
 For this person, philosophy is about showing people but rational they sq. live. This philosopher isn’t like regular Indian people in the agency sitting around basic operation in charming faeries like cause and result, ‘existing’, or (ugh) an all powerful non profane being. They talk a heap at school, but primarily to go on redundant rants concerning logical technicalities then browse the area and unit shocked to visualize everyone’s tweeting concerning but unpleasant they are. This person has never been a browse thinker, but claims to, and favors Cornel West, Slavoj Zizek, and David Chalmers. They grow up to induce graduate degrees in some reasonably analytic philosophy and become the type of sepulchral professors that don’t modify you to possess class outside and use a bell curve for a reason they update you in nice detail.

b) A very badass person.!
This person is a philosopher as a results of they presumably couldn’t build it anywhere else. They are double graduates sometimes but they’re too nice and unambitious to form it in this field. They decided to become a thinker as a result of in high they browse consort Schweitzer’s essay on “Reverence for Life”. They grow up to affix the organization or another thing that enables them to be dirty and hurt heart liberals forever.

c) Speaks exclusively in eleven linguistic unit words.!
They’ve read everything, though don’t try to strike up a language concerning any of the soft philosophers, they prefer Michel physicist, Jacques Derrida, or someone obscure like Jacques Judaic calendar month.
They aren’t social due more to their busy reading and writing schedule and lack of few social skills than any lack of need to be around people. Usually, underneath this impenetrable cloak of genius, are some very cool people.

d) Who can have too many medications (like a boss).!
Everybody is aware of this person. He (it’s almost oft a dude) is perhaps pretty wise, with great concepts relating to philosophy, philosophy of religion, and other a heap of ethereal subdisciplines. He also very loves weed. Weed all day, weed all night. The higher he gets, the better his concepts seem to him, so he gets even higher, exclusive drinks, cocktails (specially hard ones), lighting up cigar, cigarette, (sometimes pipe). This type of thinker is additionally a reasonably massive waste, because the a heap of they smoke they less they preserve the physical property to speak concepts.

e) Person who never had a girlfriend.!
They stutter and sweat when they raise ladies and have double majors in biology or one issue spectacular. They listen to The Mozart and Shostakovich for fun. They discovered philosophy because in Gymnasium they favorite Catcher among the Rye so as that they browse Franny and Zooey that references the planning of a Pilgrim that references the Philokalia then they tried reading actual philosophy because the easiest way to believe mysticism. They read toothpastefordinner.com religiously. They grow up to be psychiatrists & Mentalists and reside home.

f) A Philosopher is a lost soul. Inconspicuous.!

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