•Good Afternoon•

This is my first post so I will let this be a time to share why I am using this app and a little bio.

I wanted a place to share my thoughts and emotions as I am currently going through a difficult time mentally. I not only wanted opinions from others whom I’ve never met, but also to read up on others that might be going through the same type of dilemma.

I enjoy writing even though I’m sure my grammar could use some major improvements! I tend to just write and write to express my thoughts without thinking too much about making sure there are no comma splices. So, I’d like to use this app to satisfy my pleasure for writing.

Here’s a little about me bullet style (simplicity)


  • 26 years young
  • Female
  • A mother to a son 👶🏻
  • Married to an awesome man 💍
  • Owner of a standard poodle 🐩
  • AA Degree working towards Bachelors (I’ll get there)
  • Reader 📚 (need to make more time for it)
  • I enjoy video games 🎮…yes still
  • Loooooves nature and being one with it
  • Believer in Jesus ✝️

Now on to the bad stuff…


  • Suffer from anxiety (social, driving, heights, closed spaces)
  • Depression -PTSD-
  • Can be a little one sided on life
  • Tend to compare myself to others often
  • Little motivation

Ahh, glad that’s over with!

Well, can’t think of much more to write about…not looking to debate much as I am not good at it at all, but do enjoy a little friendly disagreement discussion.

Enjoy your evening! ✌🏼

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