[Alpha Launch 2.0] Register now for a chance to win USDT and NFT deck 🔥

💥 Don’t forget that Alpha launch will take place only on February 26 and 28, 2022.

🎁 Valuable gifts that you can receive in this Alpha Launch:

👉 10 slots — Fighting with Game Masters, Game Master winner will receive 50 USDT

👉 500 slots — Win 10 matches to join lucky draw for a chance to win a 40-card deck with 10 NFT cards, including Ares — the powerful God of Mytheria

🏆 Register now and join Mytheria team of guardians: bit.ly/3uRVb1F

📌 Alpha Test event details at: HERE

📌 Submit question: HERE

📌 Learn how to play Mytheria: HERE

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The first #Create2Earn NFT Trading Card game applying the concept “Composability of Media” & #CreatorEconomy | Future of Card Game. Built on #BNBCHAIN 🚀🚀🚀