Winning the Game Master is what many other gamers wish for, not only because of the gift of 50 USDT/match but also because of the pride of a strong warrior.

🔥Among the winners against Game Master — CEO Cuong Le, Xuka is the only female gamer. Let’s listen to the female Gen Z gamer from Vietnam, she will share her secret and tactic to win.

Q: Hello Xuka, how does it feel to face the Game Master?

I was very nervous and worried when I saw the name Game Master Cuong Le on the screen. I was lucky enough to win against such a heavyweight in my first match with him, thanks to my forte Green Deck.

After that, I met Game Master again but failed because I used the red Deck — the Deck that I just learned to play.

Q: Why do you love the Green Deck?

Each deck has its own strength and its own strategy. I chose the Green Deck because I was familiar with it from previous Alpha versions. I think that my winning the Master must be partly due to luck. In the future when I have a chance, I will practice playing another deck before entering the real battlefield!

Q: You are so humble! What is your favorite and most memorable card in the green deck?

Furious Cyclops — is the card that helps me win against Game Master.

Q: Have you tried playing with all 4 decks? Which deck do you find the most difficult to control?

I have tried all decks. Because the Yellow Deck and Purple Deck are new in the BETA 1 version, It’s still a mystery I haven’t discovered yet. Partly because this Beta opens the LEADERBOARD ranking, most players will choose to play the deck that they already mastered to win. So am I 😁

Q: In your opinion, how is the BETA version different from the previous two Alpha versions?

I find the Beta version improved than the Alpha version, with more interesting and exciting things. There are 2 new decks, fewer bugs, and top LEADERBOARD, so players participating more fiercely!

Q: Is there anything you want from Mytheria in future versions?

I wish more people would know about Mytheria. The game will have more events, fix all current bugs and have a Play-to-earn event soon. Ah, I wish we will have mobile version too!

Q: As a gamer, what do you think about the gameplay of Mytheria?

I consider myself a person who likes to play games. For me, the gameplay of Mytheria is quite interesting because it has to be calculated carefully, step by step, applying different tactics to each battle. Very interesting and looking forward to!

Thank you Xuka for sharing and we hope you continue to welcome the next versions of Mytheria!

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