To prepare for the launch of the Open Beta version, Mytheria will hold an AMA on Discord channel with the live appearance of CEO Cuong Le and Prophetess Willow

📣Join in AMA, ask anything to know more about Mytheria latest development and win valuable prizes!

😎Speaker: CEO Cuong Le

💃Host: Prophetes Willow

⏰ Time: 09:00 PM UTC+7 June 27

🏠 Venue:

💬 Language: English & Vietnamese (with translation)

💎AMA prize pool of 200 USDT

👉5 best questions submitted via forms (each 15 USDT) (close form on 12PM 25/6 UTC+7, Sat)

👉5 best live questions during AMA on ama-chat (each 15 USDT)

👉5 random lucky Mytherians joining AMA livechat (each 10 USDT)

🛑Note: Each person can only receive the prize once



Phase 3 of the MYRA 2022 Staking Events has officially closed. At 13:00 May 21, 2022 UTC, the recorded data of Staking Phase 3 is as follows:

💰Total MYRA staked: 541,743

📈Estimated APR: 1,059%

An impressive number of rewards! Congratulations to the stakers who participated in Phase 3. From August 21, You can unstake and withdraw the rewards of Phase 3.

Phase 4, as announced, has been revised. We will make an official update on our channels when Phase 4 returns.

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These days, the Dev team seems a bit quiet, not sure what they are focusing on? Find out in today’s newsletter!

💎What has been done this week (May 14–21)

- Revamp UI/UX of playing cards

- Improve playing experiences

- Prepare to release an updated version

- Configuration for decks opening

💎Will roll out next week (May 22–28)

- Configuration for decks opening

- Updated version release

- Organize 2nd P2E event

Through the work of the Dev team, you can tell that there is a Play-to-Earn event coming up next week! We will reveal details about this event soon, stay tuned!

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The first #Create2Earn NFT Trading Card game applying the concept “Composability of Media” & #CreatorEconomy | Future of Card Game. Built on #BNBCHAIN 🚀🚀🚀