To prepare for the launch of the Open Beta version, Mytheria will hold an AMA on Discord channel with the live appearance of CEO Cuong Le and Prophetess Willow

📣Join in AMA, ask anything to know more about Mytheria latest development and win valuable prizes!

😎Speaker: CEO Cuong Le

💃Host: Prophetes Willow

⏰ Time: 09:00 PM UTC+7 June 27

🏠 Venue:

💬 Language: English & Vietnamese (with translation)

💎AMA prize pool of 200 USDT

👉5 best questions submitted via forms (each 15 USDT) (close form on 12PM 25/6 UTC+7, Sat)

👉5 best live questions during AMA on ama-chat (each 15 USDT)

👉5 random lucky Mytherians joining AMA livechat (each 10 USDT)

🛑Note: Each person can only receive the prize once



Phase 3 of the MYRA 2022 Staking Events has officially closed. At 13:00 May 21, 2022 UTC, the recorded data of Staking Phase 3 is as follows:

💰Total MYRA staked: 541,743

📈Estimated APR: 1,059%

An impressive number of rewards! Congratulations to the stakers who participated in Phase 3. From August…



These days, the Dev team seems a bit quiet, not sure what they are focusing on? Find out in today’s newsletter!

💎What has been done this week (May 14–21)

- Revamp UI/UX of playing cards

- Improve playing experiences

- Prepare to release an updated version

- Configuration for decks opening

💎Will roll out next week (May 22–28)

- Configuration for decks opening

- Updated version release

- Organize 2nd P2E event

Through the work of the Dev team, you can tell that there is a Play-to-Earn event coming up next week! We will reveal details about this event soon, stay tuned!

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The first #Create2Earn NFT Trading Card game applying the concept “Composability of Media” & #CreatorEconomy | Future of Card Game. Built on #BNBCHAIN 🚀🚀🚀