How to Not Give a Fuck
Zat Rana

I confess, I have strong anxiety because I’ve worked hard and done everything I can to work towards my dream. But people who have snubbed me or talk mean about me have been super successful. It makes me wonder if I made a mistake being kind all my life. But then again I know too many kind people who aren’t making 6 or 7 figures yet they seem to have life figured out. I’m struggling because I don’t know what God or the universe wants for me. I chase dreams because I don’t want to give up, but everyday I feel lost. Am I doing the right things? Did I choose a wrong path? Did I misunderstand the messages or signs sent my way in this crazy world? I want to succeed by making a living doing what I love, not what I have to do. To me that’s success. I don’t expect others to care or understand. It’s something I have to do for me. If I surrender and say “Who cares?” I’ll be beating myself for it for the rest of my life. My anxiety lessens when I’m busy or involved with something that helps me add another step forward. Boredom and social media are what turn my thoughts inside out. Daily people I know are bragging with how they’ve done this or that or have been invited to appear at a big event where people stand in line to ask for their autograph. I have no desire to be like them, but I long to have success that I can be proud of. For now, I have yet to find a cure for the troubling thoughts in my head that say I’ll never be good enough.

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