War Stories: What It’s Really Like Working on AAA Games at Ubisoft
Maxime Beaudoin

I just joined Medium a week or so ago and after reading lots of posts this is the one I felt compelled to respond to. I’m not a hardcore gamer, not like I used to be anyway. But I love and admire games. I spent five years blogging about various titles or ideas that intrigued me about the gaming industry. After going to conventions I found myself more drawn to the developers of indie games than AAA games. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve met fabulous individuals involved with making some the best games out there. But the more I got to know indie developers the more I fell in love with the creativity involved. People would smile and speak passionately about their product instead of shaking their head or giving me strange stares if I asked weird questions (by the way I won’t name names of people or companies). During E3 last year I spent most of my free time browsing Indiecade because of their dedication and support to creative individuals and ideas. I wasn’t drawn to the enormous flashy screens or the best technology. I was drawn by the people eager to show what they made with time and hard work.

I’ll always be attracted to the gorgeous cinematic graphics and fluid gameplay of AAA games. But it never ceases to amaze me when I meet a team of 3, 7, 16 or 20 who spent years sharing a cramped living space, working 18 hours a day and living off noodles to make something out of passion more than profit. That’s when I feel like falling in love with games all over again.

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