The Most Popular WordPress Ping list of 2015

Ping is the one of the most commonly used internet slang. We regularly make use of this term either while texting or any other conversation.

Here, I will let you know about WordPress ping list.

Yeah! As you all know and have a clear knowledge regarding the term ping.

But are you aware of wordpress ping list. Being a blogger, many of you might know about WordPress ping as it is one of the most necessity parts of WordPress. If not, I will let you know here

So, let me go directly into the topic.

First of all, let me explain:

Actually, what is pinging??

What is Pinging?

Usually, the term ping has various meanings.

In blogging, ping refers to an attempt saying the world that “I have a new content updated in my blog or website”.

It is the best way to reach search engines, web directories and all the other sources faster.

But, what is the necessity of pinging?

Why Ping your Blog?

As you know very well, every blogger needs traffic for his site. So definitely, he would be making every attempt to get traffic for his blog.

So in order to get the main source of traffic your post must be indexed by search engines and you must promote your post. Here, pinging is one of the efficient ways that helps to make traffic easier for your site.

But how? ,

Let me explain:

Whenever you publish a post or update your blog or website, by pinging you will notify or inform the search engines that “hey my blog is updated just check it out”.

By this process, search engines check into your blog as fast as possible and you don’t need to wait until the web crawler crawls your site.

Hence, your blog should be pinged

What is WordPress Ping List?

A ping list is a list of web directories or servers.

WordPress informs these web directories or servers i.e. ping list whenever you publish a new post or update your wordpress blog or website.

In the above lines, I just informed theoretically how it works,


WordPress creates an XML-RPC ping each and every time when you create a post or update your site. It sends the ping to all ping services that you have listed in your list.

WordPress automatically send your updates to your ping services; you don’t have to do anything.

Just you should list the ping services.

That’s it, rest all ping process is done by wordpress.

I think you may be bit confused about the word “XML-RPC”


XML-RPC is just a specification with a set of command which allows running of the software in any operating systems. It is a simple cross-platform distributed computing based on the standard of the internet.

It just called a remote producer where we can call HTTP as the transport and XML as encoding.

How to add or update wordpress ping list:

Step 1: Login to your wordpress dashboard

Step 2: Go to Settings –> Writing.

Step 3: Now Paste your list in the ping list.

Step 4: Click on save changes.

That’s it.


Generally, wordpress gives only a few pings or in some cases, it will provide only one ping that is ping-o-metric.

But you should update this ping list with all best and popular ping services.

Here are some:

Popular wordpress ping list in 2015:

These are the Popularly used pings in 2015 — This list is updated in Jan4 2016.

I hope you all liked this.

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Originally published at on January 4, 2016.

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