Mother Tongue

Jessica and Emily sat on their sleeping bags in Emily’s bedroom. Emily was wearing pink and purple polka dot pegasus pajamas; Jessica was wearing a plain blue night shirt with shorts. There was a rainstorm outside the window, and occasionally a bolt of lightning would flash in the distance.

“Can you believe that Vivian was going on and on with that crazy story?” Emily asked.

“About how she got her period?” Jessica was brushing her hair and sitting facing away from the window.

“No!” Emily slapped her thighs. “She was making up some ghost story about how her parents hadn’t talked to her about… about boy-girl stuff yet, and so… so…”

“So what?”

“So there was this disembodied… ghost… tongue… thing. I can’t believe she didn’t tell you this, she was telling everybody at lunch.”

Jessica shrugged. “We don’t really run in the same circles. I mostly hang out with Allie and Taylor and the rest of the girls in 7th grade who went to our elementary school. Vivian is more of a loner, and she just goes around messing with 6th graders like you for kicks.”

Emily set her lips into a pout. “Is that what I am? Just some 6th grader?”

Jessica laughed and tossed her hair brush at her. “Don’t be a drama queen Emily, jeez.”

Emily let the hairbrush hit her and fall into her lap, and she broke into a smile. “Whatever, you’re the drama queen.” The rain continued, and flash of lightning came down, but Emily guessed it was still about a mile away judging by the delayed thunder. “So wait, you knew Vivian got her period?”

“She asked me for a pad a couple weeks ago, yeah.”

“Oh yeah, I keep forgetting that you’re… you know. So your mom bought you pads?”

Jessica rolled her eyes and snorted. “Please. My parents are so awkward, they can’t even say the word ‘vagina’ in front of me, let alone acknowledge that I’m not their little baby girl anymore.” There was another flash from the storm outside the window, followed shortly by a deep boom.

“So they haven’t talked to you about… sex, yet?”

“What’s there to talk about? The boy has his thing, and he wants to stick it in you, and you don’t let him. It’s not rocket science.”

There was another crash of thunder and lightning, and Emily noticed the rain was coming down faster. She squinched her eyebrows in and bit her lip. “That’s not what Vivian said in her story.”

Jessica laughed a little. “Vivian’s telling you sex stories now? Is she a slut or something?”

Another crack of lightning came down, making Emily jump. “No not sex stories, that ghost story I was talking about. The one with the… the… “ Emily’s eyes went wide. Jessica gave her an impatient look, and she raised a shaking arm to point at the window behind her.

Jessica started turning around. “The one with the what? The DISEMBODIED GHOST TONGUE?!”

The two girls fell backwards and screamed as flashes of lightning illuminated a huge, oozing, ethereal tongue, hovering in mid-air and licking its way through the glass. Seemingly emanating from the tongue, a matronly British voice spoke out of the storm:

“My my, you two certainly do have a thing or two to learn about sexuality!”

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