Acceptable Apologies and How to Make Them

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In this day and age of Social Media, apologies often come in the form of vague Instagram posts, videos directed at the public and instead of the intended. This creates a lack of accountability on the part of the offender, with a thin smokescreen of curated content as a defense. Direct communication is at an all-time low. An apology is comprised of four very important elements. Think of it as a recipe. All elements are vital.

Apology Recipe:

One Part Remorse
One Part Responsibility
One Part Amends
One Part Promises

The first ingredient must include a verbal or written expression of remorse. The words “I apologize” or…

Binge Watching for the Holidays

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If you have Amazon Prime and haven’t been taking advantage of the awesome content, here are five, not to be missed shows. If you don’t have Amazon Prime Videos, Get Started with a 30 Day Free Trial and you can binge for Free99!


This is Billy Bob Thornton at his absolute finest. If you are looking for a nighttime, legal-crime drama that you can sink your teeth into, look no further. Set in Sunny California, Billy Bob plays a down and out lawyer, who takes on a wrongful death lawsuit. David E. Kelly is one…

On neighbors, fences, gentrification and Los Angeles.

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I lived in Hollywood for the bulk of my time in Los Angeles. Hollywood was home. It was where I worked and played. It was walkable, it had a buzz, there was always something going on and it was admittedly apart of living the dream to have a Hollywood address.

My first stop in Hollywood was a short-lived stint with an aging musician who was looking for help, not for love. Our cohabitation was stamped with an expiration date upon arrival, unbeknownst to me. Within six months I’d moved out and moved on…

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Dating isn’t easy nor is it for the faint of heart. The painstaking selfies in natural lighting that take sixty tries to look carefree. Uploading your best shots to the dating account that you’ve deleted and restored more times than you can count. Trying to pace text messages to coffee dates. Navigating the creeps and the crazies. It’s an adventure, and as my therapist reminds me.

The only way to get to know someone is to get to know them.

So every shortcut of mine has been completely ineffective. You can’t really life hack dating, you either have to be…

The Cesspool for Racist Gentrification

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When I moved into my new neighborhood I was so excited to get to know everyone. Having lived in Hollywood for the better part of fifteen years, I was grateful to bid adieu to my drug dealing Armenian neighbors, the raccoons the size of baby bears, and the homeless person that moved into our laundry room and locked us out for a month or three. I was moving on. Bigger a better baby. A duplex in a quiet neighborhood, with a porch and a small patch of lawn to call my own.

The first thing…

Besides depressing news.

Granted some would say it’s time, more than ever, to stay informed with the circus like politics of our Country. With all things in balance I say. Summer is time for light reading, evening strolls, sun block and a beach umbrellas. Let’s keep this energy going.

First of all, if you haven’t already, get yourself a Kindle or a Fire Tablet. You can scoop up an eight inch version of either for $59.99 and although there is something romantic about a dog-eared paper back that we carry around in a summer tote, if you’re like me you…

Compensate me based on my value, not my gender!

I run a small media company. By small, I mean for the most part it’s me, my Lawyer and on occasion I partner up with other creatives. As a Black Woman sometimes I come across what I consider to the be the respectability politics of how women are meant to communicate in business. I’ve noticed that more often not, men are allowed to be tactless, offensive, abrasive and a brutish to get what they want in a negotiation. Women on the other hand, are somehow meant to be demure and ladylike…

Confront Relationship Patterns

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I’m a recovering Crazy Ass Girlfriend. The Garden Variety, blow up your beeper, (because my version of crazy predates modern technology), cell phone, or home phone., start a fight for the makeup sex, go to sleep and start all over again kind of girlfriend. This was the only type of love I knew for much of the early season of my dating. I thought that relationships were meant to be hot, heavy, passionate, drama ridden, combustible objects sure to go up into flames at least once in their lifetime. …

When happily ever after wasn’t enough.

I gave up on the idea of having children on my 40th Birthday. I was in a long term casual relationship which although deeply rooted in friendship and fun, was certain to be fruitless. I was faced with the idea of either meeting someone new, subjecting myself to a microwave relationship in the hopes of expediting the process of a marriage and a family, or thinking about becoming a single parent. Neither of the options seemed appealing. Single Parenthood had never been an option for me. I knew at age eight when my baby…

Black Nerds and Dating

Since the release of Donald Glover’s controversial video, This is America, and old an somewhat tired narrative has been revived, nerdy black guys dated white girls because they were passed over when they were young. Now, this is both fact and fiction, however, both side of this narrative must be explored.

Growing up, I was considered #NerdAdjacent

Freshman Year-Age 14

I played Classical Violin, I had a Chess Coach, my life goals included writing a Rock Opera and one day joining a Carnival. I was the color of burnt copper with eyes the glimmered in the sun. I was…

Nisa Ahmad

Mac n Cheese enthusiast. Star Gazer. Thug/Nerd. I write about Relationships, Entrepreneurship, Grief and a Entertainment, in no particular order.

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