All of us influence someone. We may not be leaders, but we are in leadership. We may not feel powerful but we have power. We may not have responsibility but we are responsible. “No man is an Island.” Even those people living the most isolated lives have influenced someone, are influencing someone or will influence someone. You cannot be human and not influence someone or something in this world. Do you know the power of your personal accountability and the influence you have on the world around you?

As parents, we influence our children. We as parents lay the foundations for everything they will need to learn for the rest of their lives. As they watch their parents or the significant adults in their lives, they learn as we teach them values, morals and behaviors they see in us. We influence our children in more ways than we sometimes understand.

As members of a work team, we influence the people we work with every day, even if we do not have a leadership responsibility over them. As we interact and work with our colleagues, we challenge their habits daily. We help colleagues learn new ways of doing their jobs and to approach time management in a new way. Our influence can help create a positive working environment but a lack of team focus by any member or members of a workplace can create an environment a negative environment that reduces productivity and increases job satisfaction.

When we realize the influence we have over other people, we are more willing to accept personal responsibility for our actions and reactions to particular circumstances and situations. It challenges us to consider others needs and the consequence of our actions and words.

There are however those who live with a very self-focused view. This attitude is characterized in advertisements on television that suggest we have every right to focus on our personal rights and to indulge our dreams and desires. There is nothing wrong with this attitude unless in the process we forget we are not an island and what we do will always influence others. We lead others by example. Do You Know Your Own Influence?

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