The Power of Words

Words and statements have to power to build or destroy. But it is how you use them that give them the capacity to do good or not. The repetition of affirmations automatically and involuntarily bring up related mental images in the mind, which then influence the subconscious mind and transforms our behavior, habits and actions accordingly.

The use of positive affirmations can motivate us, keeping your mind focused on the goal that you are trying to achieve. By influencing our subconscious mind, they have the power to change the way you think and behave. Also, being positive statements, they can make you more energetic and active, thereby putting you in a better position to transform your inner and outer self.

In order for your affirmations to be most effective, they should be self-developed and written in the present tense, i.e. “I am” not “I will be”. Affirm with love, faith and believe that your desire has already been fulfilled. Some examples of affirmations are as follows:

· It is easy and simple to achieve great success.

· Success loves me and always seeks me.

· All the systems of my body are functioning perfectly.

· My body is infused with the energy of good health.

· I am letting joy manifest in my life.

· I deserve to be wealthy right now.

Set aside a special time during the day for repeating them to yourself. Write them down or repeat them in your mind wherever you are and whenever you have the time. It is natural for negativity to cloud your mind, especially if your current environment is unfavorable, but persevere, and you will be able to conquer your negative thoughts and doubts.

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