What are some habits we should adopt in our own lives?

The habits of successful people not only teach us what’s most important in our day but it also gives us a sense of importance as we strive for goals and work towards that MILLION BUCKS we all aspire to receive. As the week progress, I will be giving you some tips and strategies to use in your daily routine to help increase your visibility and productivity, which in turn will increase the bottom line……CASH MONEY

*Highly successful people look & find opportunities

It’s not enough to just sit behind the computer on social media posting your pics and links hoping someone will find you. You have to engage and speak about your business and how you can help serve your target audience.

*Highly successful people find the lessons in there problems/mishaps

Why dwell on what shoula, coulda, woulda when there’s so much to learn in the downfall. For example, if you scheduled a webinar and 25 of your facebook friends and family said they would attend and only 3 showed up, what could you do differently the next time? What marketing strategies do you need to tweek a bit. Do you need to work on your follow up? Those are some of the lessons you will learn as you grow.

*Highly successful people ask the RIGHT questions

You may need and answer, but is it truly the question to whats important right now? Is the answer you’re looking for directly reflecting the things you need to grow your business right now. If you’re working on building your website, you won’t need to know how to set up a vending table. You need to know graphics, autoresponders and maybe a little SEO.

*Highly successful people DON’T COMPLAIN

Why should your target audience care that you can’t pay your light bill this week, or even that you’re on the verge of divorce. Your problems won’t solve their problems, and more than likely they can’t give you a solution. So why complain? Yes, building a website is hard, SO LEARN!

*Highly successful people don’t blame others for their mistakes

It’s up to you to determine how you run your business, if the goals you’ve set are realistic to you, and if the effort you put into a project is enough to sustain a profit or the objective at hand. Your coach can only give you the steps. Your mentor can only give you the inspiration. Your team leaders job was to recruit you, now it’s your turn. What will you do with this opportunity.

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