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Good Tuesday.

Today is all about CSS. CSS is short for Cascading StyleSheet and it’s the part of the web responsible for beauty. Every site on the interwebs uses CSS to style their pages and here are 3 games that can help you learn CSS faster and in a more fun way.

1. CSS Diner

CSS Diner is a primer into the world of CSS. If you are a get down and dirty kind of person, this introduction to CSS would be a huge resource to your collection. Try it out today and learn some CSS.

2. Flexbox Froggy

CSS also helps with the layout of a page. If you used to code in the early 2010s, you’d remember how frustrating it was to layout a page with floats and how it was unwittingly difficult to center align in a div. There are lots of jokes about this on the internet but all that changed with the introduction of flexbox in CSS3. It literally changed the game for laying out a page and its use has extended out of the web. The Yoga layout engine used in React Native is based on Flexbox. …

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Picks by mPharma is an initiative by the mPharma Product & Tech Team to provide useful links and resources to help developers learn various technologies that we use every day at mPharma.

Today’s issue, we shine the spotlight on 3 different technologies


Do you want to learn about Git in a fun and engaging way? Take a look at this tool which provides a fun, gamified way to learn about Git.

Command Line Interface

Ever wondered about the command line? This is an interesting way to learn about the command-line interface and improve your CLI skills.


Have you ever heard about SQL, the structured query language for relational databases? This is a fun and interactive way to learn the workings of SQL right in your browser. Cool no? Check it out.

Pick your favorite and get to learning!

We live in a world of microservices. Microservices help us break up monoliths and make our teams scale but there’s a con; some services might be down when accessed. Yeah, we can have fancy architectures to mitigate that, but ultimately, it happens.

We offer an offline experience for our flagship product (Bloom) and in order to achieve this, we need to save a subset of our customer’s data on their devices. We retrieve the necessary data from our various services.

We went with the optimistic approach where when the service is up everything is fine but when the service is down, the experience suffers. …


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