The elegance of intelligence

Being smart vs. intelligent

Bradley Cooper in a scene from the movie ‘Limitless’ where sophisticated intelligence and practical smartness collide, with the help of drugs

The more I experience life and meet people, either directly or through media, I realize that for significant success (according to society standards) what is required is determination, pragmatism and smartness. If an activity is not practical and lucrative, it is advised to be aborted immediately. This is why intelligence today has become a second class quality. Intelligence is for dreamers, for those who dare to envision a bigger picture, for those who set to do things no one else had even tried before. One of the 9 forms of intelligence in correlation with the g factor may lead them to create an artistic masterpiece, tackle some of the world’s greatest scientific mysteries or find a solution to society’s burning issues.

However, unless they find a generous maecenas early on — which in the 21st century translates to a big corporation willing to invest in you for a limited period of time until your work becomes profitable for them — you are doomed to being labeled as a underachiever in comparison to rising instant success testimonials who employ their ability to seize opportunities and quickly turn them into favorable results.

Smartness and intelligence are unfortunately rarely compatible and co-existing in one mind. Now, if you happened to be sitting in the imaginative arena hosting the match between seeming counterparts, smartness vs. intelligence, who would you cheer for? Or is just thinking about this non-existing issue an indicator of the side you would pick?