Pros & Cons of PDF

Approximately every two years Adobe have published a new version of PDF, each time combining new features or increasing the range of present ones. The newest versions of Adobe Reader and Acrobat will disregard PDF features that did not exist when the software was released. Though this is a well-designed plan, the fact that there are so many different types of PDF is not very handy or user friendly. But,

PDF has an exclusive number of benefits:

1. It is a standard. This means that anybody can generate a PDF file on a UNIX computer unit and you can open it on a Mac or Windows computer. And you can still see the text just like it was planned to be viewed. I also came by a premium PDF helper for Mac called as NitroMac (You Can Check Out Here).

2. PDF files are compressed. PDF maintenances a number of solid compression algorithms as well as a well-built file structure. The purpose is to keep the file size of PDF files down to a total minimum.

3. PDF files can have multimedia features like movies or audio, as well as hypertext elements like bookmarks, links to mail addresses/web pages and thumbnails of pages.

4. PDF also has security. The originator of a PDF file can set numerous security choices. It is likely to lock a PDF so it can only be showed with a password. It is also helpful to prohibit changing the content of a PDF or disable the feature to print a PDF file.

The weaknesses of PDF

Yes there are some drawbacks to the use of PDF as well the ones I mentioned before:
1. Some companies have always opposed to the use of PDF because it was an exclusive file format, maintained by Adobe. This was accurate up to January 2007 when Adobe released the PDF 1.7 specifications for ISO certification. A few PDF features like PDF/X-1 and PDF/A were previously ISO-certified years ago.

2. PDF files are not intended to be modified. Minor changes can be completed to a PDF file but it is quite difficult to add complete chunks of text or pictures to an existing PDF file. There are particular utilities on the market for this but even they can’t always get around this restriction.

PDF is intended towards visualizing documents. But there are many options missing, like using meta-data which is likely to represent the logical explanation of a document. Unluckily, there aren’t that many software’s that create such tagged PDF files. So make sure you think through all these aspects before using PDF.

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