Life After Flatiron

So I’ve been graduated from Flatiron School for almost two months now, and after taking a little time off to unwind I have finally gotten into the job hunt in earnest. Unforuntately for me, my initial Campus Draft prospects did not pan out. This, however, does not discourage me. Actually, I am even more motivated to get out there and get my brand recgonized. I have recently started branching outside of New York City with my search and have found out there are a massive number of opportunities outside of New York. I am currently looking in New York City, Austin, Boston, and Minneapolis, and the number of positions I found that I feel qualified for.

Outside of the job hunt, I have been cleaning up my code on past projects (not hiding crimes, I made a copy that I can work on to preserve my original code). My current project is building a stock information application for father. I will be using Node.Js for the backend and React on the front end.

I have learned a lot from rejection recently. I have not had any bad interviews, and the rejection teaches me something new every time. Blackrock rejected me citing lack of financial interest and not strong enough in pure javascript. This drove me to build my JavaScript skills. VTS loved me as a person, but my SQL skills were not up to snuff. This drove me to go to Khan Academy and dive into their SQL courses. Another thing I have learned was the importance of asking interviewers for contact information or business cards. This shows interest and dedication to their company and really has a positive impact on you as a candidate.

I am currently awaiting decisions from a couple of companies and will update or post a new blog as more companies get back to me with their decisions.