Confessions Of A Streamer Part 1.

Why Start Streaming?

You might be wondering why people get started streaming their lives, just their gametime or anything in between.

Well I can only speak for myself and say, I started streaming because I wanted to build a community, share my experiences and above all make friends with people I would of never otherwise met.

The reasons to start streaming can vary from person to person just like anything in the world. But I believe that everyone that streams has one reason to start streaming in common. To make a difference in our viewers lives, and to be apart of something bigger than ourselves.

If you are thinking about streaming anything at all, please do it because you enjoy it, don’t take trolls and insults seriously. Be nice, humble and your community will grow and you will be on the road to making the internet a friendlier place for all.

I guess the reason of this post is so hopefully next time before you go into a stream to cause some trouble or make their stream hard for them. Please think twice, because there is so much effort and preparation that goes in to pressing that ‘Go Live’ button.

Enjoy the rest of your day!