Mass Delusion is the Next Mass Destruction Event

For the previous 8 years we had a President who was compassionate, dedicated, and concerned with the well-being and welfare of his fellow countrymen. Yet millions of American’s irrationally hated him because he was black. Their hatred blinded them to the good works Obama tried to carryout, and thus little progress was made. Their hatred led them to hear, not what he actually said, but what they believed he meant based on their hatred driven bias. Many on the right and far right let their hatred so fill them that they couldn’t distinguish the Devil from Obama. This hatred and irrational behavior was further pounded into place by talking heads on TV and radio and fringe websites, pounding out the ‘We hate Obama; Obama is Evil.’ rhythm day after day, week after week, month after month.

Now we are saddled with a President and administration who demonstrably hate the common man and the country. They have already started dismantling the health care system, environmental protection, and regulation of financial institutions designed to protect Americans. Their actions clearly are designed to benefit the wealthy regardless of the dire consequences to the masses. Yet, irrationally, millions of Americans believe everything this President says. They approve of everything his administration does. Their approval is not because they agree, but simply because it’s not coming from Obama. Trump could order the seizure of all first born children for some bogus reason, and millions would freely surrender them because Trump is always right. What Trump does, he does for the good of the country. Trump could give a speech declaring that maggots are carrots and manure is chocolate, and sales of both would skyrocket as Trump followers gobble them down.

I’m worried for the future. I’m worried that, come the next election, there won’t be enough rational, logical, caring people willing to vote, and the Trumpsters will triumph a second time. Mass delusion threatens to be a mass extinction event for the American Dream as designed by our founding fathers.

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