A Cocaine Addicts Morning Pt1

I remember the first time I did a line of cocaine. It was at a time where I felt like I needed something more in my life. Something was missing within my soul. My soul was lifeless. And I was dead, mentally and emotionally.

That first line was the best line. And I spent my every waking moment searching for that first line. Television and movies has put a certain look to a typical addict. Addicts are often portrayed as being dirty, beggar’s, homeless or psycho. Although some addicts are like that, I was nothing like that. None of my friends were like that, and none of my dealers were like that. I had a great paying job, a nice car, and a nice home. I was very well-kept and so were my children. They attended school every day and they were always dressed nicely. Their grades were always top-notch and I attended every teacher-parent conference.

Looking at me you would have never known I was an addict. Only my friends closest to me knew and they knew because they were addicts too. My family members never knew. I didn’t want them to know. Although I always felt that I being an addict was something that was expected of me. My family always expected the worst from me.

On the outside I was an extraordinary woman. However, on the inside I was severely damaged. I hated myself! And I wanted something to make me feel exceptional. Nothing compared to feeling that I felt when I was high. Many cocaine users describe this feeling as euphoric. Some feel a sense of supremacy. It was so much more too me. It was the key to my existence. All my happiness was chemically created. I felt untouchable, like I could do or be anything. There aren’t words in the dictionary to describe how it truly made me feel.

There was only one way I could start my day. Every morning was the same for me. I was always awake before anyone, even before the sun had fully risen. I would lie in bed and stare at the ceiling in a soporific manner. With over a million thoughts going on in my brain, I’d contemplate suicide. I didn’t want to die; I just wanted to be free from my own thoughts.

The thoughts I had were atrocious. I was my own worst enemy. No one hated me more than me! I felt I was unworthy to be loved, to be seen, to be alive. Why on earth did I feel so heinous about myself?

That’s all I knew. I was never shown anything different as a child. Love was shown through inappropriate touching and kissing. Hate was shown through the constant disregard of all the “love” I was receiving. I wasn’t worth a damn to others. So why should I give a damn about myself. But, the small part of me that was good and sane thought about my children. I love my children. They were the only great thing I had done with my life. If I died who would take care of them? I most certainly couldn’t allow them to be raised by the same people who raised me. I never want them to be “loved” how I was as a child.

So, I reach over to my nightstand and I open the drawer. I had this tiny heart box in my drawer. It was black and made of glass. There was a small crack on the side. When I first bought this box it was white, and the crack was already there. The store clerk gave me a discount because of the crack. I don’t know why I bought it, or why I was even in that store. Once I took it home I decided that I would make it my “drug holder.” Changing the color was a must because I associate the color white with purity. And I was far from pure. Black seemed to be an appropriate color.

I grabbed the box and I opened it. There lied my chemical key to my happiness. I set myself up a thin but long line of happiness. I grabbed my straw and as always I second guessed what I was about to do. That thought always seemed to pass fairly quickly. I take a deep breath and I inhale what I thought to be my gateway to a better day, a better life, a better me.

So I thought…..

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Originally published at nacaroinc.com on August 17, 2015.

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