7 Ways NARAL is Mobilizing #7in10ForRoe Voters in Iowa

NARAL Pro-Choice America has been organizing in Iowa for months. In that time, we’ve recruited 7,500+ Iowans to pledge to caucus for reproductive freedom. The excitement at a chance to elect Hillary Clinton — a true champion for all women and families — has our members out canvassing and rallying, even in the frigid Iowa winter!

With mere days to go until the Iowa caucuses, NARAL is harnessing the passion and energy of the 7 in 10 voters who support legal abortion to bring home a win in the first-in-the-nation caucus. Here is a look at seven ways NARAL members and staff are giving their all to elect Hillary Clinton:

  1. Door canvassing

Talking to voters one on one and face to face is one of the most effective ways to mobilize voters. That’s why NARAL has spent the past seven months ringing doorbells and knocking on doors in dozens of neighborhoods to grow the number of reproductive freedom voters in the Hawkeye state, some of whom will be caucusing for the very first time. We’re braving the freezing cold for choice!

2. Phone banking

Can’t get someone to answer the door? Time for Plan B: Call them on the phone! NARAL activists on the ground and around the nation are calling to mobilize the members that make up our organization to turn out for our next president, Hillary Clinton.

3. Protests against anti-choice extremism

While we work tirelessly to help Hillary win in Iowa, we can’t afford to leave unanswered the extreme anti-choice values and records of presidential candidates like Donald Trump. That’s why we are on the ground making candidates own their extreme records.

4. Commit to Caucus Cards

Research shows that voters are more likely to show up at the polls and vote for their chosen candidate if they sign a “commit to caucus” card — so they’re GOLD for activists like us working to get out the vote for the Iowa caucuses. Iowans take their role in the presidential race seriously, and weigh their options carefully. When an Iowan agrees to sign up and Commit to Caucus for Hillary, our organizers do a tiny happy dance, because that commit to caucus card could mean the difference in a precinct.

5. Swag. Sweet Swag!

One of the unique things about the Iowa Caucus is that it’s not just acceptable to wear garb from a candidate’s campaign — it’s encouraged! Each caucus event is a sea of t-shirts, posters and buttons from each candidate, and voters can show their pride any way they want.

We’re equipping pro-choice Hillary voters with cool signs and huge saucer-sized buttons so they can proudly wear their enthusiasm for Hillary.

6. Rallies

Iowans have been turning out to rallies to get to know the candidates asking for their support. At these events, team NARAL has been on the ground, talking with as many attendees as we can about Hillary Clinton’s unrivaled record of championing reproductive freedom. Hillary herself has recognized and thanked us for our work!

7. Clicks to Caucus

We’re getting the word out about why Hillary Clinton is a champion for all! On the day we endorsed Hillary Clinton for President, we also ran ads on the websites of major Iowa newspapers, like the Des Moines Register, detailing her fantastic record on our issues. This month, we’ve been sharing photos and stories on social media of Iowans committed to caucusing for Hillary, live-tweeting the Democratic and Republican debates, posting live updates from events on the ground, sharing her great quotes supporting and strong stances on reproductive freedom and gender equality, and emailing our members about why Hillary Clinton is not just an ally — she’s a champion.

NARAL Pro-Choice America is giving our all to support our champion Hillary Clinton in Iowa. Our entire team, from NARAL interns all the way up to the president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, are working tirelessly for reproductive freedom. Onward to victory!

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