Late Night #MenForChoice

At the end of a long, hard day working to ensure reproductive freedom is a reality for all, we like to unwind in front of the TV and watch our favorite comedians give us their spin on the news. In recent months, there’s been a trend emerging: late-night TV hosts have not only been making fun of anti-choice extremists, they’ve actively been speaking out in support of reproductive freedom.

And it’s not just the incredible women like Samantha Bee, who has made feminism and the anti-choice movement’s senseless opposition to reproductive rights cornerstones of her comedy, taking a stand for gender equality — there’s been an influx of late-night #MenForChoice.

Seth Meyers

When Seth Meyers takes “A Closer Look” at anti-choice extremism and Donald Trump’s comments about “punishing” women for abortion, you know it’s going to be good.

John Oliver

John Oliver is famous for his tear-downs of absurd laws, and his breakdown of the absurdity of anti-choice laws designed to shut down clinics is on FIRE.

But Oliver’s feminism doesn’t stop there: He also spoke out about how outrageous the wage gap is and how scary and threatening the harassment women get online every day can be.

Trevor Noah

When a gunman opened fired on a Planned Parenthood clinic this past November, it was a terrifying moment for reproductive health activists, advocates and the 1 in 5 women who visit Planned Parenthood. Trevor Noah did a masterful job at explaining the tragedy, and exposing the absurdity of the response from anti-choice extremists.

Noah also skillfully exposed the hypocrisy about Republican Presidential candidates’ “pro-life” views. Take a look:

He also took on the anti-choice videos attacking Planned Parenthood and attempts to defund them, saying it loud and proud: abortion is a constitutional right.

Larry Wilmore

Larry Wilmore watched the hearing in Congress attacking @Planned Parenthood, and had the same thought we all did: what is this made-up chart?!

Wilmore didn’t stop there: after the November shooting at a @Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado, he explained how the extremist, anti-choice rhetoric used on FOX News and other conservative outlets gave the shooter his ideas.

If the seemingly-relentless attacks on our right to decide if, when, how and with whom we have a child starts to get you down, tune into one of these late night men for choice with a glass of wine and have a good laugh.

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