A Promise is a Symptom of Fear.

Powerful people are self-reliant. Only self-reliant people get a shot at love.

The self-reliant person has:

  • No attachment to others — he TRUSTS no one.
  • No obligation to others — he OWES nothing.
  • No responsibility to others — he EXPECTS nothing.

That is to say, the self-reliant person is the most powerful because he doesn’t give up, borrow, or take away power.

He relies on his own power, and in that way, incurs no risk of losing power.

Of course, those who are worth the most have the most to lose, and when you have the most to lose, you can’t afford any risk!

The institution of marriage is risky business because it ensures the exact opposite of self-reliance — - it ensures an exchange of power.

And in this way, it robs us of power.

What you take, you have to give, and you may not get it back.

Nothing to gain, and everything to lose.

Marriage makes risk certain.

Hence the ever-so-popular wedding tradition, ‘Something new, something borrowed, and something blue’, which originally symbolized the penalty of the marriage agreement.

If you EXPECT, you won’t get anything new, if you OWE, you already borrowed, and if you TRUST, you’re going to be blue!

With “I do”, your present, past, and future are all effectively made certain.

Certainly limited, that is!

Vows are a symptom of the fear of choosing the wrong one. And if you have to make a promise — you did.

When you’re with the wrong person, no one wins, and someone’s sure to lose.

Thats why the self-reliant person doesn’t rely on marriage. He doesn’t have to. The self-reliant person who knows himself also knows when he’s met his ‘one.’

Of course, when you’re with the ‘one’, your with the right one. And that’s how both sides win.

Thus, true love pairs don’t make promises because they don’t have to.

“I know there’s no risk he’s not the one, when I know we’re a perfect match, and there’s no threat he’d ever leave, because there’s no one better for him than me.”

True love eliminates risk.

No risk = No fear = No limitation

With no limitation, all that’s left is possibility — - i.e the only thing certain, is anything!

When a self-reliant person finds ‘the one’, he transcends the rules. He can TRUST without attachment, OWE without obligation, and EXPECT without responsibility.

That is to say, TRUST, DEBT, and EXPECTATION simply go away.

All that’s left is LOVE.

True love pairs don’t sacrifice a thing. There are no trade-offs, and no such thing as compromise. They can love without limitation.

“He who finds the one has found himself.”

There’s no exchange of power between the two who merge as one.

True love is no loss, and all gain — because true love is everything.