Finding “the one” is a fantasy.
Alx Zander Sanchez

Actually, it’s not.

She’s tasked to find herself. He’s tasked to find her.

It’s the story that stopped being told, so everyone forgot.

Finding the ‘one’ is the foundation of alchemy and it’s the corner stone of true love.

In fact, union with ‘the one’ is the pinnacle of human achievement — it’s the Mystic's key to freedom — and the salvation of the soul.

It’s everyone’s destiny — you just don’t see it yet.

It takes wisdom to know what this means, and intuition to know it’s right. Vision to see it in your dreams, and faith to bring it to life.

Not everything is what it seems.

When you see beyond the illusion, you start to see the strings. There is a dance going on between you and everything.

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