#MeToo is a Lame Excuse.

I see a lot of people defending this #metoo movement under the guise that it’s solving something.

It’s not.

At most, it perpetuates a lie.

#Metoo spreads the message that women are ‘victims’ because they succumb to treatment that’s 1. Not deserved, and 2. Not fair.

But this is faulty logic.

To understand why, here’s an experiment you can do IRL:

Put yourself in a situation where you are surrounded by terrible people. See what happens.

Then put yourself in a situation where you are surrounded by loving people. See what happens.

I’d be willing to bet the people in the first scenario treat you like shit, and the people in the second scenario treat you the way you know you deserve.

So whose fault is it that you were treated like shit in the first scenario?

That’s right — your own.

That’s because you are smart enough to know that putting yourself in an environment where there’s terrible people, is probably gonna get you terrible treatment.

It’s FAIR that shitty people treat you like shit, just like it’s FAIR that loving people treat you with respect.

All treatment is fair treatment.

The universe is fair.

Now, because you made the decision to hang with shitty people, you DESERVE your shitty treatment. That’s fair.

If you had no free will and someone forced you to hang with shitty people, then you would NOT DESERVE that shitty treatment. That’s not fair.

Fortunately we have free will in our lives, so everything’s fair, and everything’s deserved.

That’s why our level of success in the world comes down to making the right CHOICES.

And that’s the responsibility of the individual — YOU!

It’s insulting to suggest that women are too inept to figure out what right choices vs. wrong choices are, and it’s insulting to suggest that they can’t make their own life decisions accordingly — just like men can do.

The fact is, women are just as intelligent as men and that’s why they are bound to the same rules as them:

The rules that 1. The universe is fair, and 2. You get what you deserve.

Make a bad choice, and suffer the consequences. Make a good one, and don’t.

Women have no excuse to claim the rules don’t apply, and it’s belittling to make them think that they do.