The ‘Gender Equality' Delusion

Why Women Are Doing Everything Wrong.

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” — William Congreve

FACT: The gender equality issue was invented by a group of women who decided they’d rather complain and place blame, than fix a problem.

A problem that women — not men — actually started.

See, what women aren’t willing to admit is this:

Gender equality isn’t a real issue.

It is, however, a very clever excuse to throw a temper tantrum.

Feminists show us how, now, any woman can throw a shit fit under the guise of ‘victim’ — and boom — it’s socially accepted.

…except I’m not buying it.

That’s because I understand why women latch on to the equality delusion — and it’s not because they’re fighting for justice.

Really, it’s because they’re in a bad mood.

It’s true!

Women are in a bad mood for two reasons: 1. Because they have less power than men, and 2. Because men are mean to them.

That said, I’ll be the first anti-feminist to admit — I don’t blame women for being upset.

See, I sympathize with women to the extent that I understand why they’re mad — but I also understand this:

The fact that women have less power than men is their own fault, and the hostile attitude that they experience from men, is the direct result.

Women Do the Wrong Things

The truth is, women disempower themselves because they choose not to fulfill their innate purpose, i.e their ‘role’, in the world.

That is to say, women choose to be disempowered. (more on that here — WARNING: TRIGGERS)

This is a detriment to both themselves, and their other half — hence the hostile (and largely unconscious) backlash from men.

Instead of doing what they’re meant to do, women have chosen to do other things — specifically, these things:

  • Women COMPETE with men to try and prove they are just as powerful as them.
  • Women USE men to try and prove they have more power than them.
  • Women DEPEND on men thinking they need to be validated by them.

In other words, women spend their time trying to prove that they’re the same as men, better than men, or enough for men.

And these are all the wrong things to do.

Making comparisons only accomplishes one thing: Disempowerment.

Three Disempowering Comparisons Women Make

When a woman COMPETES with a man, she tries to prove she’s as strong as him.

Fact: Women are not as strong as men.

Trying to prove you have the same type of power as a man, when you don’t, is wasting the power you do have.

Likewise, when a woman USES a man, she seduces him. She thinks taking advantage of him makes her more powerful than him.

Fact: Seducing a man only destroys him, and it’s literally the easiest thing a woman can do.

Using power over a man, is abusing your power.

When a woman DEPENDS on a man, she thinks she needs him. She relies on him for validation.

Fact: A woman is inherently complete. She can rely wholly on herself because she’s already the most.

If you need a man to tell you you’re enough, then you aren’t realizing your power.

So between wasting power, abusing power, and not realizing power, it’s clear why most women fall short.

Want to know who doesn’t fall short?

A woman who harnesses her power.

A woman who harnesses her power makes no comparisons, because she knows exactly who she is, in her heart.

Empowerment Comes from Self-knowledge

The only thing a woman needs to do to harness her power, is discover the truth that exists inside of her.

Doing the inner-work of ‘knowing thyself’ is what a woman is meant to do.

If she did that, then she would also know this fundamental truth:

Men and women are different.

Two things that are fundamentally different, aren’t supposed to be compared.

There’s no such thing as equal or unequal between two different things.

You can’t compare women to men in the first place.

But understanding this truth takes inner-work — and that’s something most women haven’t been willing to do.

Instead of doing the right thing, and discovering what they are, women have been wasting their time trying to be something they’re not.

It’s time women stopped wasting their time and energy, and instead used it to fulfill their true purpose of knowing themselves.

If feminists actually did the inner-work, then they’d know:

Women are as powerful as men — but not in the same ways as them.

Women are powerful in their own ways.

It’s on us to discover what those unique powers are.

For example, while a man is meant to manifest his strength and authority (because those are his powers), a woman is meant to manifest her wisdom and vision, (her own unique powers).

Once women start celebrating and embracing what makes them unique, instead of fighting for something they aren’t, and are never going to be, the world will become a better place.

Truly, there's no ‘equality’ to fight for, in the same way that there’s nothing holding women back.

There is just a choice to be made — the choice to fulfill a purpose — and that’s all women need to do, to see change.

An Empowered Women Is Herself

A woman who fulfills her purpose of knowing herself, is wise.

(This is, of course, what separates her from her feminist counterparts.)

She doesn’t need to prove what she knows she is, just like she doesn’t need to compensate for what she’s accepted she is not.

A wise woman knows these three truths:

  • She knows she doesn’t need to be as strong as a man, because in many ways, she isn’t. Her power is different. Instead of competing with him, she does the things she’s better at. She compliments his power, with hers.
  • She knows she doesn’t need to seduce a man, because she knows that’s not her true power. After all, any woman can do that — and it only destroys him. She doesn’t use her power against him.
  • She knows she doesn’t need a man, because she needs no validation. She already knows she’s enough, because she’s complete. She creates her own power, thus takes no power away from him.

By knowing these three truths, and acting accordingly, a wise woman not only harnesses her own full power, but also enables the man of her choosing to fully harness his.

More importantly, a woman who knows herself doesn’t waste time trying to be anything other than what she already is.

Makes sense, right?

Afterall, when you know you’re everything you can be, why would you need to be anything else?

A woman who fulfills her true purpose is empowered because she is herself.