10 Things To Do in Flagstaff

When it comes to Northern Arizona, Flagstaff remains the center of it all! Combined with four seasons and close proximity to stunning sights we’ve drilled down a short list of must see’s around town.

1. Fall in love with fall

Changing colors, cooler temperatures and falling leaves is everything we love about autumn in Flagstaff! Whether you’re taking a drive through Oak Creek Canyon or hiking amongst the aspens on the Inner Basin trail, you will be surrounded by the brilliance of red, orange and yellow (and blue skies too). 💛💙

Bonus: The Flagstaff LEAF-ometer is a great resource for peak color changes around town.

2. Dominate the tallest mountain in Arizona

Whoever said Arizona was all desert, has never traveled much. Once you reach the San Francisco peaks, the air is crisp and cool (and if you’re coming from 100 degree temps, you’ll wish you brought a jacket).

If you’re up for a climb, take Humphrey’s Trail from Arizona Snowbowl and keep climbing. You’ll wind your way through forest and traverse the only region of tundra in Arizona before reaching our state’s highest point, Humphrey’s Peak — elevation 12,633 feet.

3. Go for a hike

When the heat boils down in other areas in the state, many of the surrounding trails are often some of the coolest places to be! In fact, several miles of the 817 mile Arizona Trail are located through northern Arizona.

Hikers looking for a short jaunt or an expansive adventure can be found in the the forests linking national monuments, canyons, communities and people.

Bonus: Hiking with your dog is always encouraged around here! 🐾

4. Downtown charm

Explore a real downtown minutes away from campus. From public art, historic sites dating back to the 1800s and the most flavorful food satisfying any foodie. The vibrant hub is filled local charm and plays host to many events including the First Friday Artwork, Sunday Farmer’s Market and Festivals on the Square.

Photo top right and bottom right 📷: Cameron & Kelly, Mitchell Forbes

Bonus: Take a #FlagstaffSelfie along the designated trail pointing you to the most picture perfect spots around town!

5. Stargaze

Flagstaff is among the seven best spots in the world for star gazing. In fact, if you’re lucky enough to live here you can see the stars (and planets) from your own back yard. Once you’ve found your spot, enjoy the view.

Bonus: learn your way through the night sky with these star charts.

6. Explore national monuments

Wupatki, Sunset Crater Volcano and Walnut Canyon National Monuments. Together, they protect more than 40,000 acres and 3,000 archeological sites, in a landscape of high deserts, canyons, mountains, mesas and volcanic features. Venture out and explore — did you know the National Park Service even has fee free weekends 👍🏼

Bonus: A little bit further up the road is one of the world’s seven natural wonders — the Grand Canyon — where all views are aptly grand.

7. Visit Red Rock Country

Just down hill, the red rocks call. Home to some of the most photographed natural formations like Cathedral Rock and Bell Rock (you might have seen them in movies), the area is bound to leave you in awe.

Bonus: Don’t forget the canyon. Oak Creek Canyon, a 16-mile gorge with streams and waterfalls, beckons hikers, campers and fishermen.

8. Take a picture with a Lumberjack

Blue and gold bleeds throughout northern Arizona and Louie is a very familiar face around this neck of the woods. When you spot Louie say “kick axe!”

9. Pitch a tent and unplug from the world

Flagstaff is host to some of the best camping destinations in the world. Dispersed and designated camping sites can be found in the pines and there’s sure to be a trail close by for a day hike or mountain bike adventure. Some of the most popular campgrounds are Canyon Vista, Lockett Meadow and Blue Ridge.

Bonus: Give these campfire cones a try 👉 http://bit.ly/2aj4LCH

10. Hang out and enjoy the views

The best views in town are free. Find a spot, sit back and be in the moment.

Becca Guevara.

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