Lumberjack A-Z

Whether it’s your first year or your last. Here’s 26 things you should know about life in Lumberjack Country.

A: Astronomy

We’re big into astronomy in our town. In fact, Flagstaff is among the seven best places in the world to stargaze. What does that mean for you? Clear nights and starry skies are right outside your doorstep. Don’t forget to look up and make a wish 🌠

Tip: In the fall, head to the Atmospheric Research Observatory for free campus telescope viewings.

B: Bikes

No bike, no problem — we’ve got a free yellow bike waiting for you! Check one out from one of these spots on campus and getting around will be a breeze.

C: Clubs

Looking for a group of friends that just “gets you?” NAU has 350+ clubs and student organizations that focus on outdoor activities, leadership, community service events, and almost any special interest a Lumberjack could possess. Find an organization, on-campus events and track your involvement using True Blue Connects!

D: Downtown

The vibrant and eclectic heart of Flagstaff can be found downtown. Not sure what to do on a Friday night? First Friday is always a good choice — Downtown shops, restaurants, and galleries show off free concerts, giveaways and samples! Not to mention movies, yoga, dance lessons and more at Heritage Square throughout the year.

E: Elevation

We’re situated at 7,000 feet. Some people can handle the elevation, some can’t (cc: our opponents). Good luck and welcome to Flagstaff.

F: Flannels

When you’re a Lumberjack, this is your go-to item.

Bonus points if it’s plaid.

G: Grand Canyon

There’s a reason they call it grand. 90 minutes from campus you‘ll find one of the seven wonders of the world. You’ll definitely want to add watching the sunrise or sunset here to your Lumberjack bucket list.

H: Homecoming

Homecoming — How do you describe one of the most exciting times of the year? The time when the colors change, the time when you go to the Carnival with your friends and cap off the night with an epic sunset. The time when everyone fills the Dome and we get a W. Since words are failing us, we suggest you watch the video.

Tell your family & friends to save the date and join us on October 15 for Once Upon a Time at NAU.

Tip: the view from the top of the ferris wheel is 👍🏼

I: Igloo

If you’re lucky enough to see one of these on campus during the winter — take advantage of the great photo op. Even better if you build it yourself!

Pro tip: recycle bins make great ice molds!

J: Jacks Up

Our way of showing our Lumberjack pride! Toss up your “L-J’s” at any campus event or around Flagstaff to show your school spirit.

K: Kiss My Axe

As Lumberjacks, we’re mighty proud of our signature statement! In fact, each year students design and vote on a new Kiss My Axe t-shirt.

Tip: Save your shirts and use them for a memory quilt.

L: Lumberjack Country

The smell of fresh pines and crisp mountain air is second to none and the best views are always free! #LumberjackCountry

M: Mountain Town

Whoever thinks Arizona is just desert has never traveled up north to our mountain town. Flagstaff, home of the Lumberjacks, is home to the San Francisco peaks which includes Arizona’s highest point — Humphrey’s Peak at 12,633 feet. Impress your friends and learn the names of the other peaks too.

N: #NAUStrong

You make us who we are. Whether it’s in the classroom, on the field or out in the community — together we are #NAUStrong. Welcome to the family and know that we got your back 💪🏼

O: Old Main

23 students made up our first graduating class in 1901. Taught by one professor, these students lived and learned inside NAU’s first and most historic building on campus. Don’t be afraid to walk up the steps and venture inside. You’ll find NAU’s Art Museum, a concert hall and our Alumni Engagement team.

P: Pool

It’s always pool season here at NAU! Since its opening this past spring, the Aquatic and Tennis Complex has held dive-in movies, log rolling (we are the Lumberjacks, after all), battleship competitions and paddle board fitness classes. The pool is also the training facility of defending WAC Conference Champs, NAU Swimming & Dive, and has hosted Olympians too.

Bonus: Make your way over to the diving side, and you’ll find a hot tub.

Q: Quidditch

When your school resembles Hogwarts, of course you have a quidditch team. Our NAU Narwhals even compete in the Quidditch World Cup every year.

R: Running of the Freshmen

Did you know before the start of the first home football game, the newest members of the Lumberjack family take the field and lead the NAU football team into the Walkup Skydome! Grab your friends and gear up in your best blue and gold! 🏃

S: Slopes

Snowbowl- northern Arizona’s ski resort is just 7 miles from downtown. When it snows, head up the mountain and make a day of it. You can even take a snowboarding or downhill ski class and earn PES credit too.

Even Louie gets in on the action.

T: True Blue

On Fridays, we wear blue (gold is okay too 😉). Throw on your NAU best and show everyone why it’s always a good day to be a Lumberjack!

U: Union

Peak views, cupcake takeovers and social hangouts are just a piece of what the University Union has cooked up for students.

Bonus: You might see Louie check out his Yellow Bike here!

V: Views

Take the elevator to the top floor of the San Francisco parking garage and prepare to be left speechless. Take a picture and share with your friends #WishYouWereHere

Bonus: Take a drive up to Mars Hill and see NAU and Flagstaff too 📷

W: Weather

Four seasons in Arizona?! Yep, Flagstaff has it all — sunny creek-jumping days in the summer, crisp fall leaves during autumn, cozy snow days in winter, and breezy spring afternoons. You’ll get to wear your summer shorts and winter coats all in one year!

X: X-Country

Long distance journeys can be enjoyed during any season. The Flagstaff Urban Trail System weaves together a network of 56 miles of trails and pathways, perfect for an early morning jog or a stroll with your fur friends! With enough snow, strap on some snow shoes for a wintery x-country venture!

Fun fact: NAU’s cross country team has earned 23 total NCAA Top 10 team finishes and won 43 total team Big Sky Championships.

Y: Yoga

Yoga is a gift for your body and mind. Why not balance your college journey with yoga or meditation against some of the most beautiful backdrops on campus? Namaste 🙏

Bonus: If you prefer a group setting, Campus Recreation offers free classes for students.


It’s true — you’ll need sleep in college. NAU Residence Life makes sure students can get their beauty sleep with “quiet hours” that assure your neighbors maintain a respectful volume at night. Make sure to get a full 6–8 hours to retain the maximum amount of class information as well!

Here’s to life in Lumberjack Country!

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