Social Recap: May 2017

Going out #NAUStrong

The end of the year. So close, yet so far away. Before we can celebrate the last day of classes and the biggest celebration of the year at #NAUGrad, first comes finals…

Facebook: Mastering the art of the share

62,325 likes (+1258), 4,176,303 monthly reach (+2,313,335)

There’s no denying it. May is stressful. Assignments are due, finals, group presentations, moving out. You can either get caught up in the stress or keep your head up.

The power of positivity

Flagstaff is known for its good vibes. We channeled that sentiment in our social and shared words of encouragement and support throughout the month.

Take a break and smile

We also shared study tips and of course some end of the semester fun. What makes even the most-stressed college student smile and relax?


The more the merrier in fact at Cline Library’s Stress Free Zone. Knowing the effect it could have on our Jacks (and future Jacks), this was an all platforms event — Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Live. There wasn’t a channel we didn’t cover.

Not only did we help promote the study break, but the program resonated with parents and those who were looking at attending NAU as well.

The power of creativity

Thanks to our Star Wars loving intern we were able to take our #MaytheFourthBeWithYou to another level — capitalizing on the popular trend and also tying it back to NAU (iconic Old Main as the backdrop) and the end of the semester grind (Cline Library).

In this moment now

Lastly, you can’t ever underestimate the power of the weather. Especially, when it seems to be an annual rite of passage that connects current students to Lumberjacks who came before.

You know it’s finals week when…

Collaboration is key🔑

This year, we reached out to NAU-TV to streamline our communication efforts surrounding Commencement. Previously, Commencement was live streamed on NAU-TV’s website. However, with NAU-TV’s Facebook Live coverage of NAU Athletics events, we knew this year could be the year we finally were able to stream live.

Pros: Sharing with family and friends who couldn’t be there in person 
Cons: More time consuming, spamming our audience with live notifications 
Decision: Try it out and see what happens

Four live streams later — we reached 450,000 people and had a lot of Grandma and Grandpa’s thanking us and commenting with their graduates name 🎓

Ceremony #1: College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
Ceremony #2: W. A. Franke College of Business and the College of Health and Human Services
Ceremony #3: College of Education and Extended Campuses
Ceremony #4: College of Arts and Letters & College of Engineering, Forestry & Natural Sciences

Twitter — in this moment now

30,709 followers (+29), 1,630,000 impressions, 1,107 mentions

Twitter saw a lot of action this month. Surrounding finals week, graduation, and celebrating new jobs, schools, and lives, our audience shared their highs with us.

We get by with a little help from our friends 💙💛

We not only share what’s going on around campus but also provide support to our campus partners. When NAU-TV was looking for additional ways to let graduates know how they could obtain the official Commencement DVD, we put the information out in a tweet. While on face value it looked like it didn’t get traction, going deeper and looking at the clicks showed it did its job.

On the same note, we followed up our #NAUGrad coverage with tweets to help NAU Career promote their Alumni survey.



Between finals, graduation, moving, and starting new lives, our Lumberjacks actually start to trail off from social media in May. Where did all our Jacks go?

Instagram — sharing the beauty of NAU

28,342 followers (+247), 67,658 likes this month

With Flagstaff finally warming up, it was time for our Lumberjacks to get out and remind themselves of #LumberjackCountry.

Social Updates

Face filters for Instagram, custom Stories for Snapchat, and new Live video features for Facebook —May was a month of new updates.

On May 23, Facebook added two new features to Facebook Live:

  • Live Chat with Friends — lets audience members invite friends to a private chat around a public live broadcast
  • Live With — lets broadcasters invite a guest to join the stream, appearing in split-screen

Get colorful. Facebook also expanded the range of background color options for status updates.

On May 16, Instagram introduced Face Filters, similar to Snapchat Face Filters. Face Filters work with both front and rear-facing cameras as well as with Boomerang.

Stickers — use them and use them often

Instagram also introduced location and hashtag Stories making the use of location and hashtag stickers more important than ever.

Now stickers can make your story discover-able under the location tag or in a hashtag search.

Once there, it may be selected to be part of a larger Story that anyone on Instagram can view. When you click the location sticker on a posted story, you’ll be taken to a page full of posts from the same location.

If you have a private account don’t worry — you will be omitted from any public stories.

What does this mean? It means your story can be seen by potential followers. Using location stickers can also help your story be pulled into the larger location story.

How to use this: Events, campaigns and contests

Generally in our stories, we add the Northern Arizona University location sticker. However, by using Flagstaff as our location it provides us with an opportunity to put ourselves into a larger one.

As a result, we plan our stories to make sure we cover specific campaigns i.e. #NAUSummer while also tapping into larger ones at hand like #PhotoFriday.

Bonus tip — Create a color post

Looking to emphasize your text or have a clean background? Create a color block screen.

Snapchat added a new timer setting — infinity. Now, users can set videos to loop or photos to remain on screen until the recipient finishes viewing them. At that point, the Snap will delete as usual.

Snapchat also rolled out custom Stories, a feature that allows groups to create a collective story. There are two types of custom Stories:

  • Group Stories — lets chosen friends add to a Story together
  • Geofenced Stories — let anyone within a designated area add to the Story

These can be utilized during big events, such as NAU Orientation, Welcome Week and Homecoming.

A Look Back, A Look Ahead

Summer and the living is eas(ier)

Summer is a big shift for us. Because most of our Jacks have left campus, our reach and engagement is lower than during the academic year. However, when our Jacks leave, #NAUOrientation begins. As a result, we work harder to ensure that our social game is still 🔛. We’ve adapted our strategies to include more videos that show what summers in Flagstaff hold and are utilizing new features to collaborate with Jacks wherever there summer takes them.

Stay tuned for fun in the sun.

— Team Social

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