The Upside of the End of the Semester

Stress less at Cline Library

It’s almost finals — time to show off all your hard work and ace those exams!

If the library is starting to feel more like your home than your dorm room, take advantage of some amazing stress-reducing events on Wednesday December 6th from 7–9pm that are sure to lower your blood pressure and clear your head for more last-minute cram sessions.

One word: Puppies!

Petting a dog for even a short amount of time has been shown to reduce stress — down to your cellular level! Petting one of these cuties increases your stress-reducing hormone, oxytocin and decreases your stress hormone, cortisol!

Its really a win-win, you get to pet a cute dog and they get to feel your love too!

Who said coloring was just for kids?

Those trendy adult coloring books can get expensive — so take advantage of these free ones (Get your Lumberjack designs here)! Coloring has been proven to boost mental clarity and can give your right-brain a much needed creative break.

Pro — they make a cheap holiday gift for your roommate!

Free. Food.

Yep. Wednesday 7–9pm on the second floor of Cline Library there will be free food. Now you really have no excuse.

Your brain needs food to function properly. And while coffee can fill you up, it doesn’t provide the needed nutrients to get you through an all-night study sesh. Swing by, pick up some fruit, granola bars, and tons of other snacks to keep you going!

Don’t forget to give the wisdom statue a tap on the way out #GoodLuckCharm
P.S. Cline Library is now open 24 hours for our night owls.
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