When you need to study a “latte”

By McKenzie McLoughlin

We students love (and need) our coffee.

Many students are only familiar with the convenience and proximity of our campus coffee choices, but those can fill up quickly.

For times when you need a change of scenery and motivation, here’s a guide to some of the best study spots around (and don’t worry, they all serve coffee).

Group projects

Many students have said that the south campus Starbucks is the best place to grab a cup of coffee and study. It’s bigger than the one on north campus and offers more space for students to meet with groups for those final projects at a convenient campus location.

Peace and quiet

When you need a place to really focus, senior biomed major Lorin Wright suggests the coffee shop inside of Barnes and Noble. When asked why she didn’t choose the library, she brought up a good point that during finals, the library almost becomes a social outing and while that’s all fun, it becomes a less productive work space.

Subtle ambiance

If you’re looking for atmosphere and local, many students have suggested both Firecreek and Cultured. Both offer late night hours and gourmet coffee.

Junior, Delaney Brown, said she chose Firecreek because of the comfy lounge chairs and the ambiance. “While it is not drop a pin quiet, there is always chill music playing.”

Only in Flagstaff

One of the most famous coffee shops in Flagstaff, didn’t come up as much as I had thought.

It turns out that Macy’s is a perfect place to meet up with friends before studying to get a caffeine fix and a bite to eat, but when it comes to getting it done, the noise level can be a bit too much. Macy’s is where students go to socialize, not to study.

My Pick?

I will hands down always choose Cultured. Some might tell you that I pick Cultured for its frozen yogurt, which I can’t deny, but it also has some of the best specialty drinks I have had.

Additionally, they have a patio for those nice days in the spring, an upstairs with lots of surface space for meeting with groups, couches downstairs for a comfy place to read, and lastly they have a virtual punch card that uses your phone number and sends texts with discounts and specials.

Have a favorite study spot? Tell us where and why below and happy studying, Jacks!

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